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Tag Results for "Casey Anthony"

Lawyer Jose Baez says Police Should Have Known Tot-Mom Casey Anthony was Living in “Fantasy World”

Many around the world were glued to the news as they watched Casey Anthony stand trial for allegedly killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie. As the trial went on, continue reading »

Casey Anthony Lawyer, Jose Baez, to be Played by Oscar Nuñez in Lifetime Movie, Nanny Sues

Oscar Nuñez, known for his role on the hit television show The Office and as the server/store clerk/stripper in the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds rom-com The Proposal will reportedly play Jose Baez, the man who famously served as Casey Anthony's trial lawyer, in the upcoming Lifetime movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. continue reading »

José Baez, Casey Anthony’s Attorney, Quits

Jose Baez, officially withdrew from Casey Anthony’s legal team this week according to the Orange County Clerk of Courts website. As of today, no other attorney has replaced Baez. continue reading »

Casey Anthony Deposed on the Zenaida Gonzalez Defamation Civil Suit

Yesterday Casey Anthony presented herself in Florida to get deposed in the civil lawsuit Zenaida Gonzalez has brought against Anthony for defaming her. continue reading »

Casey Anthony To Move to Mexico After Probation

Anthony has plans to elope in Mexico and make a new life in a large Ranch with 5 miles of beach, owned by her new California millionaire lover. continue reading »

Casey Anthony Attorney, Jose Baez, Under Investigation by Florida Bar

It appears Jose Baez is in trouble with the Florida Bar Association for his handling of the Casey Anthony bad-check case. continue reading »

Hispanic ‘Nanny’ in Casey Anthony Case Now Seeking Damages, First IDed as Caylee’s Abductor

Now that Casey Anthony is due to be freed from jail next Wednesday, everyone is lining up to extract justice and/or money, except of course, her poor deceased 2-year old daughter Caylee. continue reading »

Attorney Jose Baez Proves His Critics Wrong:  Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

After deliberating for no more than 10 hours the Casey Anthony jury have found her not guilty of killing her daughter, 2-year old Caylee. continue reading »