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Tag Results for "Carlos Gonzalez"

Paraguayan Robin Hood Claims to Have Distributed Stolen Money Among Poor

An employee of a security company who made off with nearly $500,000 before turning himself in to the Paraguayan police 30 hours later with just $200 in his pocket said he had distributed the cash among the poor. continue reading »

Four Latin American Players Win Gold Gloves for 2012 MLB Season

Four Latin American players won Gold Gloves for their outstanding fielding during the 2012 Major League Baseball season. They include New York Yankees second baseman continue reading »

Is Carlos Gonzalez Becoming a Hitter?

Carlos Gonzalez the Colorado leftfielder won the National League battle title in 2010 so you would think he is a good hitter. continue reading »

Could Ricky Martin Be Seeking Spanish Nationality?

Several gossip sites say Ricky Martin is seeking to become a Spanish citizen, though nothing is confirmed. The star would be looking to move overseas and marry his boyfriend Carlos Gonz├ílez. continue reading »