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Tag Results for "Buenos Aires "

Riots Erupted Over Economic Crisis in Argentina in 2001

Today in Latin American history, riots erupted in Buenos Aires over the economic crisis in Argentina in 2001. The riots were an uprising against the government of President Fernando de la Rúa, who had failed to contain the economic crisis that was going through its third year of recession. continue reading »

Latin America News: 41 Dead Throughout Buenos Aires Due to Heavy Rains

The death toll from the heavy rains that have recently fallen on Buenos Aires and nearby parts of the country now stands at 41, Argentine authorities said Wednesday. continue reading »

Buenos Aires Celebrates Pope Francis With Giant Photograph

The municipal government of Buenos Aires on Thursday placed a gigantic photograph of Pope Francis on the facade of one of its buildings in homage to the man who was archbishop of Buenos Aires prior to his March 13 election as pontiff. continue reading »

Argentina Working on Creating 9,920 Pound Easter Egg - World’s Largest

A giant chocolate Easter egg made from 9,920 pounds of chocolate will be unveiled in Miramar, a city in the Buenos Aires province in celebration of Holy Week. continue reading »

Argentine Illustrator Wins Prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award for Children’s Literature

The Argentine children’s author and illustrator, Isol, has won the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial award for her body of work. continue reading »

Argentina Inaugurates “Papa Francisco” Avenue in City of La Plata

Argentina has named an avenue in the city of La Plata "Papa Francisco" to honor the Argentine native and first Latin American pope. Buenos Aires is also considering naming several streets after Pope Francisco I. continue reading »

Colombian Arrested in Argentina Denies Being Drug Lord

Colombian Henry de Jesus Lopez Londoño has denied in statements to Argentine authorities any drug-trafficking ties and said he had been living a "normal life" in a residential area outside Buenos Aires, where he was arrested this week. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Latin America’s Best Cities to Live In

The ranking system is based on a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) using a spatial adjusted livability index. The EIU ranked 70 cities internationally, Hong Kong ranked the highest and Harare, Zimbabwe ranked the lowest. The other scores (ie- education) are out of 100. continue reading »

Chayanne and Marc Anthony to Reunite in Argentina

Latin pop stars Chayanne and Marc Anthony will perform together in concert at Velez Stadium in Buenos Aires on Oct. 20. continue reading »

Ricky Martin and Elena Rogers Make “Evita” a Hit

The intense acting of Ricky Martin and Elena Roger in a new stage production of "Evita" transports New York audiences to Buenos Aires where the plot evolves from the contradictory personality of Eva Peron. continue reading »

Buenos Aires Now a Smoke-Free City

Buenos Aires, starting Thursday, is now a smoke-free city after the entry into force of an ordinance prohibiting smoking in closed areas, such as bars, restaurants and rooms where the public gathers. continue reading »

Calle 13 Singer Linked to Argentine Actress Soledad Fandiño

Calle 13’s René ‘Residente’ Pérez, and Argentine actress Soledad Fandiño took to twitter to flirt, a week after their quick romantic Buenos Aires getaway. continue reading »

Disney Channel & Argentine Pol-ka Partner for “Violetta,” First Co-Production in Latin America

To be released next year, “Violetta” tells the coming of age story of a teen that returns home after living in Europe. continue reading »

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits North Argentina

No victims or major damages have been reported, though several buildings were evacuated in Buenos Aires—hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. continue reading »

Colombian Couple Win World Championship of Tango

Natasha Agudelo and Diego Benavidez won a tie-off against a Venezuelan couple, and became the world’s best tango dancers. continue reading »

Buenos Aires Coffee House, Borges Favorite, Seized By Disgruntled Staff

The Richhmond Café, an emblem of the Argentine capital closed down and forgot to pay its employees, who regret the literary haven will be turned into a Nike Store. continue reading »

Cristina Fernández Indisputable Leader of Argentina’s First Ever Primaries

Mrs. Fernández snatched close to 50% of the primary votes, clouding the aspirations of 9 other candidates too weak to contend against her re-election campaign. continue reading »

Half Nudies and Busty Fans Rule the Day at Copa America Games (VIDEO)

Yesterday’s Copa America game for third place consolation position between Peru and Venezuela brought out all type of fans even the half dressed. These lovely ladies (Irina &Daisy) promised to bare their ample chest if Peru won – which they did 4 to 1. So many fans are wondering where the ladies are today. continue reading »

VIRAL: Argentine Abuelito Swears, Cusses and Insults the TV for the Love of Futbol (VIDEO)

His favorite team, one of Argentina’s greatest, had a terrible season that ended with the team being demoted to the 2nd division. continue reading »

México City, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Madrid in Facebook’s Top 10

Despite 20% of the total number of Facebook users being American, it is in the Hispanic world where the most Facebookers are found. continue reading »