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Tag Results for "Bristol Palin"

Sarah Palin’s Trademark Application Denied:  Not Why You Think, She Forgot to Sign Application

As had been reported last week former Vice Presidential candidate and conservative ‘duh’ darling Sarah Palin and her now-taut looking daughter Bristol Palin, filed a trademark application to protect their names, images and brand. continue reading »

Bristol Palin Moving to Maricopa, Arizona-Close to Other Local Celeb Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Arpaio

The 20 year-old daughter of the former governor of Alaska and current reality star Sarah Palin, has purchased a house in Maricopa, Arizona. The former Dancing with the Stars continue reading »

Argentina’s ‘Dancing for a Dream’ Plays out like a Bristol Palin Dance Saga

Model Vanina Escudero showed to a live audience a move that we would have liked to see Bristol Palin try on Dancing With The Stars. continue reading »

Do Hispanics Want to Leave the U.S. because Bristol is Poised to Win Dancing with the Stars?

In case you haven’t heard 1-out-of-7 Hispanics would leave the U.S. permanently if they could. Whaaaaaat? I ain’t goin’ nowhere at least not until I celebrate the pinnacle of American mediocrity by watching Bristol Palin horse hoof her way to a Dancing with the Stars trophy. continue reading »