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Tag Results for "Breast Cancer"

Less Invasive Surgery Just as Effective for Some Breast Cancer Patients

When breast cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, many doctors believe that removing several more nodes provides better treatment. But a new study suggests otherwise. The finding may change the way early-stage breast cancer is treated in some patients. continue reading »

Former Venezuelan Beauty Queen Graphically Chronicles her Battle with Cancer

The 28-year-old Miss Universe finalist Eva Ekvall documented every step of her battle against breast cancer, and published the chronicle in a book titled “Fuera de Foco” (Out of Focus). continue reading »

No Link Between Obesity, Breast Cancer in Mexican-Americans

Lower risk may be due to a shorter lifetime exposure to estrogen, researchers suggest. Obesity isn't linked with breast cancer risk in Mexican-American women, a new study has found. continue reading »

Latino Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer are Younger

A study done in Hispanic neighborhoods by the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center found that nearly half the women with breast cancer were diagnosed before they turned 50. This is about 10 years earlier than the national average for all women. This study raises new questions about the recent push to delay routine screening. continue reading »