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Tag Results for "Brazil News"

NARCO BLOG Brazilian Police Capture Rio de Janeiro’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin

Antonio Bonfim Lopes, reputed boss of the drug gang that controls the sprawling Rio slum of Rocinha, was arrested by Brazilian police in the wee hours of Thursday. continue reading »

Brazilian Government and UN Launch Initiative to Combat Global Hunger

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and the Brazilian Government today launched a new initiative to help countries run their own national school meal programs to advance the nutrition and education of children. continue reading »

Brazilian ex-President Lula Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

The 66-year-old has a tumor in his larynx, a statement from the Sirio-Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo said."After multiple investigations, initial chemotherapy will start in the next few days. The patient is well," the statement read. continue reading »

Pele on World Cup- Brazil is Not Ready

“Brazil is not ready,” Pele said. “Not yet, it is not ready. The biggest problem, I think, is the organization, that is a big problem, so too is the communications”. continue reading »

Rio de Janeiro Prepares for Dengue Epidemic

As summer approaches south of the equator, Rio de Janeiro braces for the season’s worst enemy: Dengue Fever. continue reading »

Brazilian Cattle Ranchers Blamed for Another Amazon Indian Killing

A Guarani man in his 20s has died of his wounds following a violent attack, allegedly by gunmen employed by Brazilian cattle ranchers. continue reading »

Amazon Indian Nomad Beaten Up by Loggers

A man of the Awá tribe, one of the last nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes remaining in Brazil, has been brutally attacked by loggers who have invaded the Awá’s land. continue reading »

Brazil President Rousseff First Woman to Open UN General Assembly

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff opened the 66th session of the General Assembly being the first woman to ever does so. Calling this 'the century of women' Rousseff did not mince words and let everyone know that she sought for Brazil to be a world player. To that end she affirmed her support for Palestine's bid for full U.N. membership. continue reading »

Brazil Census:  43,000 Children Under 14 are Married

In spite of the moral condemnation in this largely Catholic country and the illegality of it, almost 43,000 children under 14 years-old are either married or live with a partner. continue reading »

Violent Attacks on Brazil’s Indigenous Indians Being Reported as They Claim Ancestral Land

Survival International has received reports that truckloads of armed men are violently driving Brazil’s Guarani from their land, leaving them in fear of their lives. continue reading »

Brazilian Indians Demand Shell Leave Their Land

Indians of the Guarani tribe in Brazil have demanded that energy giant Shell stop using their ancestral land for ethanol production. continue reading »

U.S.-Brazil Join Forces to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Discrimination

The United States and Brazil will hold a coordination meeting of the U.S.–Brazil Joint Action Plan to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and Promote Equality (Joint Action Plan) September 1-2 in Brasilia, Brazil. continue reading »

Longest Living Brazilian Indian Celebrates 121st Birthday, Eats Natural Food Only

Survival International has located a Brazilian Indian, believed to be the oldest living person in the world, as she prepares to celebrate her 121st birthday. continue reading »

Brazilian Beef Barons Hold Paraguay’s Government Ransom (VIDEO)

Brazilian beef barons are holding Paraguay’s government to ransom over land inhabited by uncontacted tribes. Ayoreo Indians were granted legal title to the land last year, but ranchers have refused to hand it over unless the state allows them to deforest a large area of adjacent land continue reading »

Worldwide Protests Against Amazon Mega-Dam

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in dozens of cities worldwide, to protest against the Belo Monte mega-dam being built in the Brazilian Amazon. continue reading »

Google Street View is Heading to the Amazon Rainforest

Google is taking its technology to the depths of the Amazon in Brazil and Peru to map the great Amazonian rainforest and river. The Amazon river is vast especially when you include its tributaries so Google’s Street View is starting with a 50km portion in Manus, Brazil known as the Rio Negro. continue reading »

Crime Fighting Female Judge, Mother of Three, Shot 21 Times in Rio de Janeiro

47 year-old Judge Patricia Acioli was shot 21 times outside of her home in the municipality of Rio de Janiero. The crime fighting judge was known for her tough stance on corruption in the Brazilian military. continue reading »

Brazilian Elevator Drops 262 Feet Killing 9 Onboard

An elevator accident in Salvador, Bahia Brazil has left nine people dead early Tuesday morning. The accident happened at the construction site of a 32-story building in the Iguatemi area of the city. Nine construction employees were riding the elevator up to the 20th floor of the building when it didn’t stop and hit a cable on the top floor. continue reading »

‘Heterosexual Pride’ Day Maybe Coming to Sao Paolo, Brazil Soon

Evangelical community leaders in Sao Paolo, Brazil have not been too happy about all ‘the privileges’ the gay community enjoys in the city like their five-day gay pride parade. Therefore a local councilman proposed and won approval for his idea that there be a ‘Heterosexual Pride Day’. continue reading »

CRIME NEWS:  Brazil Students Given Food Mixed with Rat Poison

Brazilian authorities are investigating the claims of a school cook who confessed to mixing rat poison with the students daily mails. The cook came to the attention of authorities after 22 students and 16 teachers fell ill at the Pacheco Prates school and needed to be hospitalized. The Pacheco Prates school is located in the city of Porto Alegre located in southern Brazil. continue reading »