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Tag Results for "Brazil News"

UN Delegates in Brazil for Summit Staying in Rooms More Often Used by “Hourly Renters”

Delegates from the United Nations are currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the sustainable development summit, but due to overcrowding or overcharging some are having to stay in some interesting hotels and motels. continue reading »

Brazil Leading the Way in Rio+20 Sustainable Development Negotiations

Expectations to produce a strong outcome document at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) are still high, a senior UN official said today. continue reading »

U.S. Diplomat Travels to Brazil Ahead of Rio+20

Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs Reta Jo Lewis is traveling in Brazil, June 14-23. She is visiting the cities of Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. continue reading »

Poverty in Brazil Forces Nearly 1.4 Million Children to Work

Poverty forces some 1.4 million Brazilian children ranging in age from 5 to 14 to work, according to official figures released Tuesday on the World Day Against Child Labor. The figures were made public by the National Forum for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor, prepared with the support of the International Labor Organization and based on Brazil's 2010 census. continue reading »

Military Cadet Dies in Freak Accident When Ejected from Plane on Ground

A Brazilian air force cadet died when he was ejected from a training plane for unknown reasons when the aircraft was still on the ground, authorities said Monday. continue reading »

Latin America Says Good-Bye to Its Largest Garbage Dump

Brazil's Jardin Gramacho, a gigantic trash dump on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro that was considered Latin America's largest, finally closed on Sunday and will now begin undergoing a process of environmental recovery. continue reading »

Latin American Amazon Tribes Give Clue to Heart-Healthy Lifestyles

Investigating indigenous Amazonian or African peoples who still follow a hunter-gatherer or forager-horticulturist lifestyle is giving new insights into how diet and lifestyle affect the heart as humans age. continue reading »

Chilean Faction of Greenpeace Protests Brazil Energy Firm For Wanting to Install Coal-Fired Plant

Several activists from the Chilean contingent of Greenpeace unfurled a giant sign Monday on the front of the Santiago office of Brazilian energy firm CGX to protest the "illegality" of continue reading »

Photo of Military Police Officer Spraying Dog With Pepper Spray Goes Viral, Many Outraged

Residents worldwide are outraged after seeing a photo of a member of the Brazilian military police spraying a dog in the face with pepper spray. After military police had respo continue reading »

Brazilian Supermodel Isabeli Fontana Plans to Wed Rohan Marley, Bob Marley’s Son

Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana told Veja magazine that she planned to marry Rohan Marley, son of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the Rastafarian movement. continue reading »

Netflix Continues to Jump Hurdles and Expand Service to Latin America

Although only 20 percent of Brazil’s 42 million internet users have a connection speed over 500 kilobytes per second and streaming movies requires at least 800 kilobytes Netflix continues to push towards expansion in Latin America. continue reading »

Brazilian Co-Founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, Renounces U.S. Citizenship before IPO

Could a reported $3.84Billion stake in Facebook be the motivating force behind Brazilian Eduardo Saverin renunciation of his U.S. citizenship? continue reading »

Argentine Girl Found Alive 7 Years After Kidnapping

A 10-year-old Argentine girl was found by Brazilian police seven years after she was kidnapped by her father, the authorities said. The discovery of the child occurred this March in the western city of Dourados, but was only revealed to the press Saturday after the authorities, having confirmed her identity, continue reading »

Wedding Gift Drop Off Leaves 7 Beheaded in Brazil Farm

Police found seven people decapitated at a farm in the central Brazilian state of Goias, media outlets said. continue reading »

UN Alarmed at Most Recent Killing of Brazilian Journalist

The United Nations human rights office voiced concern at what it called a “disturbing” trend of killing journalists in Brazil, after another reporter was found dead earlier this week. continue reading »

Colin Firth’s Campaign to Save the Awa Tribe of Brazil’s Amazon

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth today launched a major Survival International campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ – the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon. continue reading »

Prostitute Suing U.S. Embassy in Brasilia After Marines and Embassy Staff Push Her from Car

The U.S. government in once again faced with accusations that those under their command have engaged in inappropriate conduct with prostitutes in Latin America. continue reading »

Panetta Embarks on South American Tour

The United States Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta left Monday for a tour of three South American countries, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile, in an effort to discuss drug trafficking, arms deals and aiding Latin American militaries. continue reading »

Closure of Rio Huge Dump Leaves 1200+ Scavengers Without Livelihood

The closure of Latin America's largest dump will put some 1,200 people out of work who live by selling the reusable goods they find among the 8,400 tons of trash produced daily by Brazil's second city. The city dump with the bucolic name of Gramacho Garden continue reading »

Stunning 5-Year-Old Niece of Gisele Bundchen Launches Clothing Line in Brazil

The stunning niece of supermodel Gisele Bunchden is in the works to launch her own eco-friendly clothing line in partnership with Brandii Mundi, a Brazilian clothing brand. continue reading »