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Tag Results for "Brazil News"

Van Owners Protest to Be Included in Brazils Transport System- 3500 block Rio de Janeiro Roads

Van owners and drivers staged a protest Wednesday to demand special concessions from the Rio de Janeiro municipal government, using 3,500 of those public-transport vehicles to partially block a main road in the central section of Brazil's second-largest city. continue reading »

U.S. Bringing Innovation Delegation to Brazil to Promote Sustainable Urban Environments

On August 15-17, the Secretary’s Special Representative for Global Partnerships Kris Balderston will lead an Innovation Delegation of entrepreneurs, educators and technology leaders to Brazil continue reading »

Fire at Brazil Prison Farm Leaves 7 Dead and Several Others Injured

Seven inmates burned to death in a fire over the weekend at a prison farm in Rondonia, a state in northern Brazil, media reports said. continue reading »

73 Year Old Retired Brazilian Teacher Demands Missing Money ( $25) at Gunpoint from Bank

A 73-year-old retired teacher went into a bank in Brazil and demanded at gunpoint that the financial institution return 50 reais (about $25) that a teller failed to give her when she made a withdrawal a day earlier, media reports said. Janet Benfatti was carrying a loaded revolver when she entered a Banco Itau branch Wednesday in Sao Jose de Rio Preto continue reading »

Art as Ads in Saó Paulo, Brazil

GE is bringing good graffiti to life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The multinational company partnered with local ad agency Almap BBDO to create three colorful panels on buildings to represent some of the areas in which GE operates. continue reading »

OLYMPICS 2012:  Brazil’s Felipe Kitadia Breaks His Judo Bronze Medal in the Shower

Brazil's Felipe Kitadai broke the bronze medal he won in men's 60kg judo when he got in the shower wearing it and his teammates joked that he wore it everywhere he went. continue reading »

Brazilians Have Close to $520 Billion Stashed Away in Offshore Tax Haven Accounts

In a report entitled, ‘The Price of Offshore Revisited’ it is estimated that Brazil’s wealthiest are stashing away close to 520 billion dollars in offshore accounts continue reading »

Becoming a Condom Tester in Brazil Could Win You Free Condoms for a Year

Brazil's DKT International is asking people to test their condoms and share their opinions of them in exchange for a year’s supply of condoms. DKT says it is hoping their provocative mar continue reading »

Brazilians Have Close to $520 Billion Stashed Away in Offshore Tax Haven Accounts

In a report entitled, ‘The Price of Offshore Revisited’ it is estimated that Brazil’s wealthiest are stashing away close to 520 billion dollars in offshore accounts continue reading »

11 Countries Restrict Tanning Beds for Minors, Brazil Newest on the List

Restrictions on young people's use of indoor tanning have been introduced by several countries in recent years, a new study reports. continue reading »

Convict Runs Major Art Theft Ring from Brazil Prison

A convicted art thief was found by the Brazilian Federal Police to be running an international ring from a prison in Rio de Janeiro, selling stolen art works in neighboring countries, media reports said. continue reading »

Bus Accident in Parana, Brazil Leaves 10 Dead and Many Injured

The death toll from the bus accident in the southern Brazilian state of Parana has risen to at least 10, with 26 other people injured, the highway patrol said. continue reading »

Former President Fernando Collor de Melo Practiced Black Magic While Governing Brazil Says Ex-Wife

Rosane Collor, ex-wife of former President Fernando Collor de Melo, said in a television interview that the former head of state practiced black magic rituals while governing Brazil from 1990 to 1992. continue reading »

More than 500 Dead Penguins Wash Up on Brazil Beaches

In the past week more than 500 penguins have washed up on the southern shores of Brazil, all appeared well-nourished and uninjured. Marine experts from the country are investigating the cause of death, but don’t expect to know anything until 30 days from now. continue reading »

Homeless Couple in Sao Paulo Making $7.50 a day Return 10K Found on Street

A homeless couple turned over to police a bag containing about 20,000 reais ($10,000) that they found abandoned on a street in Brazil's largest city, authorities said Monday. The couple, who have been living together for about four months under a bridge in eastern Sao Paulo and support themselves by continue reading »

Brazilians are Skipping the Beach and Hitting the Mall

Even though Brazil’s economy may be starting to slow, Brazil’s high end market is booming. The boom is focused, however in the malls. continue reading »

Pedaling Your Way to Freedom in Brazil

Inmates in one of Brazil’s prison can now pedal their way to freedom all while helping save the environment. continue reading »

Amazon Indians in Brazil Burn Down Local Police Station

Some 60 indigenous people set fire to a police station in the northern Brazilian town of Jacareacanga, the government of Para state said Tuesday. continue reading »

Rio de Janeiro Named to Prestigious World Heritage List

The landscapes of Rio de Janeiro have been entered onto the World Heritage List, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization said. The decision regarding the Brazilian city was adopted by UNESCO's World Heritage Committee at its 36th session in Russia's second-largest city. continue reading »

Brazilian Fattening Up - Does it Spell Doom for the Brazilian Thong?

Although known for their perfect beach bodies, statistics are beginning to prove what is already becoming evident to an observer on the beach, Brazilians are getting fat. continue reading »