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Tag Results for "Brazil Elections"

Brazil Presidential Elections give Rousseff Lead but Head to Round 2

Although Dilma Rousseff came out on top in Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil, she did not gain the necessary 50% plus one vote, so a runoff will be run the end of October. continue reading »

Polls Predict Voters in Brazil will Elect their First Women President Today (VIDEO)

Dilma Rousseff’s, Lula’s chief of staff lead has narrowed recently. The latest polls released have shown that Rousseff might not win at the first stage as expected earlier, with figures around 51% showing her support within the margin of error from the 50% she needs. continue reading »

UPDATE: Supreme Court lifts Ban on Political Satire

UPDATE: The Supreme Court of Brazil has made a decision that the 1997 law prohibiting political ribbing is unconstitutional. The judge further clarified that this restriction was only intended for periods when the electoral process is in crisis. The ruling comes just in time for the comics to prepare for the upcoming elections in October.Several hundred people marched along Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach protesting the “anti-ribbing” ban in anticipation of the Oct 3 elections. “This is a joke -- and it's not in the slightest bit funny,” said Fabio Porchat, a stand-up comedian who helped organize the protest. “First we can't laugh at politicians, but from here it's going to grow -- by 2015 we won't even be able to talk about the government.” continue reading »