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Tag Results for "Brazil "

Brazilian Phenom Ronaldo Now a Hollywood Villain

The top World Cop goal scorer will play a villain, opposite Juliette Lewis and Andy García. continue reading »

Evo Morales Accepts U.S.  Financial Aid Offer to Combat Illegal Coca

Bolivia has agreed to, in a joint effort with the US and Brazil, destroy every last bit of illegal coca plant. continue reading »

CAUGHT ON CAMERA Chilean Soccer Player Jorge Valdivia Takes A Whiz Mid-Game! (VIDEO)

As the game was stopped for a few seconds, The Palmeiras de Brasil player decided to go do number one on the sidelines. continue reading »

$1.2 Billion in Fines for Brazilian Beef Companies Who Deforest or Employ Slave Labor

Brazilian authorities have announced fines for 14 companies that buy beef from slave labor farms, or ranches illegally exploiting deforested areas in the Amazon. continue reading »

Ronaldo and Bono had a Karaoke Duel in Sao Paulo (VIDEO)

The former soccer player, and the lead singer from U2 sang Rolling Stones and Talking Heads tunes at Sao Paulo's Secret Bar. continue reading »

First Ever Aerial Footage of Uncontacted ‘Lost’ Amazon Tribe Released (VIDEO)

This truly extraordinary film footage by Survival International is part of their new campaign to protect some of the world’s last uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. continue reading »

¡Felicidades! Brazil on Your 188th Year of Independence

Today, all of Brazil is celebrating and rejoicing its -year old independence from the Portuguese. The Portuguese arrived in the 1532 and stayed for close to 300 years as it settled the region and colonized native populations. continue reading »