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Tag Results for "Border Violence"

Blog del Narco: Narco Wives- CNN Takes a Look on the Inside (VIDEO)

The life of a narco wife or mistress often begins in the many beauty pageants run throughout Mexico. In a life that can be seen as the epitome of luxury- there are salons, and spas, and rigorous exercise regime continue reading »

Locals Strip Man and Parade Thru Town with Plaque Labeling Him a Thief

In Puebla yesterday, as a punishment, a man was stripped and paraded throughout the center of this town carrying a huge poster that said "thief”. He was caught and apprehended by locals. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Decapitated Head Left With Narco Message

The head of a man was left this morning in front of a home in the colonia Morelos III, located southeast of the city. The discovery was made at about 6:55 am at the intersection of Laguna de Tuxpan and Tepalcingo in the housing unit. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: US Takes a Pass to Bring Home American Child Assassin “El Ponchis”

The Unitary Court of Justice for Adolescents (TUJA) did not receive any response from the U.S. authorities for the American citizen Edgar Jimenez Lugo, alias "El Ponchis". There was no response by the deadline that the young criminal should return to America to complete his sentence. continue reading »

Narco News: Zetas Cartel hit Gulf Cartel Prisoners During Drug Raid in Cancun Prison

Nine prisoners of the Gulf cartel -including Hector El Diablo Cacique excabecilla-were injured after the State Preventive Police (PEP) in an operation find hidden drugs in the prison. Los Zetas members confined in another section of the prison were mistakingly mixed with the rival cartels during the search. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Casualties Between the Gulf and Los Zetas Cartels in Zacatecas

Nobody in Zacatecas believes that the relative calm will last since the capture of the Z-40. Military intelligence reports predict that as soon as a new head of Los Zetas is confirmed continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Narco Grave With 4 Bodies Found in Ayutla

Last night three mass graves were found with four human bodies in the municipality of Ayutla de los Libres, in the Costa Chica region of Guerrero state. Municipal and state public safety were notified of the discovery continue reading »

Blog del Narco: “El Chayo” Father of Founder of Knights Templar Cartel Found Dead

Mexican Intelligence sources reported today about the death of Manuel Moreno, father of Nazario Moreno, El Chayo, leader and founder of the drug cartel Knights Templar. continue reading »

Blog del Narco- 375 Arrested in San Diego with Links to Mexico Drug Cartels

The Sheriff San Diego County, California reported that in the last days they have arrested 375 people suspected of collaborating with drug traffickers in Mexico. The sheriff's deputy, Ed Pendergast said the operation "Allied Shield Four" included over a thousand police officers from different locations. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Bloody Ambush in Michoacan Leaves 22 Dead

The Mexican government reported that in six attacks on the Federal Police in Michoacán at least 22 people were killed and 15 more were wounded. Two of the dead were federal police. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Narco Grave Discovered in Nayarit with 5 Bodies

Yesterday morning a narco-grave was located near the town of El Limón, located on the road to San Blas. According to unofficial reports obtained locals reported the presence of human skeletons to the authorities continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Two Women Arrested Smuggling 12K in Privates (VIDEO)

Giving a new twist on money laundering, two females were arrested for smuggling $12,000 in their Privates.. We have to ask- how did authorities find it? continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Knight of Templar Cartel Apologizes and Vows to Protect

Thursday morning in different places of Michoacán, cartel members placed several blankets posting narco-messages signed by the group "The Knights Templar". The Cartel apologizes to the residents of Michoacan and offers a truce to the authorities continue reading »

Blog del Narco: 5 People Executed in Guerrero( Warning Graphic Photo)

Five men were executed in Chilpancingo at dawn on Wednesday. Next to their bodies two messages were left on cards, authorities did not disclose the contents. The bodies remain unidentified. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Z-40 Originally Tracked By US Visiting Son in Texas

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, El Z-40 and leader of Los Zetas, was first tracked when he went to a rural Texas town to visit his newborn son, reported the New York Times. "the U.S. authorities played a key role in his subsequent arrest and confirmed his identity through biometric DNA evidence. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: US Congratulates Mexico- They Have Wanted Z-40 for a Very Long Time

The U.S. government offered $ 5 million to whomever provides information leading to the capture of Miguel Treviño Morales, "El Z-40", who is accused of various crimes related to drug trafficking in the District court of Houston, Texas. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Who Is Zetas Miguel Trevino Morales that US Offered 5 M for? (VIDEO)

With the death of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, "the Lazca", leader of the criminal organization Los Zetas, the rise of Miguel Treviño Morales "Z-40" to the leadership of the group was imminent. The Cartels tentacles are expanded over much of the territory Mexican, South American and Central American countries. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: US Deciding if it Wants to Transfer American Child Assassin “El Ponchis”

elements of the Army arrested Edgar Jimenez Lugo, 14, along with his two sisters known as "The chabelas", at the airport in Cuernavaca, in Xochitepec, when they tried to leave Morelos and enter the United States. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Man found Executed, Burnt, Left at Side of Road ( PICTURE WARNING)

A man was found executed in an area of the Humaya sector. The unidentified body was located down the street from the Emili Berlini Obrero Mundial. A call was placed to an anonymous emergency number. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Drug Violence Claims Two Young Adults

A man and a woman were found dead in the town of San Marcos Huixtoco, Chalco, State of Mexico. Both had several bullet holes in different parts of the body, mainly on the face. continue reading »