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Tag Results for "Border Security"

Statistics Show US-Mexico Border is Secure- NPR

At NPR today is an analogy on why people find themselves forced to come to the US without papers: Imagine immigration, especially from Latin America, as a two-lane residential street with a 20-mile-an-hour speed limit. Over the decades, it’s grown to an eight-lane superhighway. But the speed limit is still 20 mph. That is, visas for needed workers haven’t risen along with the traffic. continue reading »

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Trial Sees Repeated Denial of Responsibility

Most days, Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio acts like a caricature of a Western law man: the cowboy, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” the man who brought back chain gangs, parades prisoners around in pink underwear, and clearly believes he’s above the rule of law. continue reading »

Homeland Secretary Napolitano Visits Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Acting Commissioner David V. Aguilar and Assistant Secretary for International Affairs Alan Bersin traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and San Juan, Puerto Rico today. continue reading »

Report Brings Border Patrol Abuses to Light in Washington State

The borderlands of the southwestern United States are not the only place where immigration enforcement tramples upon the most basic of civil and human rights. Many communities along the northern border are also subject to such abuses, as detailed in a recent report from OneAmerica and the University of Washington Center for Human Rights continue reading »

The Blimp Coming to Border for Narco Surveillance

Tethered close to 2,000 feet above Nogales, flies a new beluga whale blimp being tested by the United States Border Patrol. The blimp is equipped with a wide area surveillance system that operates 24 hours a day continue reading »

Activists say Border Patrol Staking out Arizona Hospitals

The Arizona Human Rights Coalition has asked for the cooperation of the immigrant community to report the presence of Border Patrol agents in hospitals. Kat Rodriguez, the spokesperson for the coalition, told Efe that they had seen an increase in complaints about the presence of Border Patrol agents in the emergency rooms and even maternity wards continue reading »

Arizona Democrats Want Gov. Brewer to Apologize to President for ‘Disrespect’

The Arizona Democratic Party has launched a petition drive to urge Governor Jan Brewer to apologize to President Obama after their now infamous tarmac showdown. continue reading »

1 Year After Being Shot Gabrielle Giffords Resigns, But Not Before Introducing Border Legislation

As her last act as a U.S. Representative, Arizona’s Gabrielle Giffords introduced legislation, known as the Ultralight Aircraft Smuggling Prevention Act of 2012 that would impose tough new penalties on smugglers who use small, low-flying aircraft to illegally bring drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border. continue reading »

Cecilia Muñoz , White House Top Latino Faces Protest for Secure Communities Support

Members of Arizona's Hispanic community demonstrated Friday against a senior White House official for defending the controversial Secure Communities program in a television documentary. continue reading »

House Member Likens Undocumented Immigrants to Vagrants, Animals

A South Carolina congressman recently likened undocumented immigrants to vagrants and animals in an awfully misguided comparison during an event with college students. continue reading »

Officials at U.S.-Canada Border Told to Scale Back Border Checks

Though border security is hot-button issue regarding our neighbors to the south, policies along the U.S.-Canada border are being scaled back. President Obama has sent an order continue reading »

CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin Fires Back Against Gov. Perry’s Claims the US-Mexico Border is Lawless

Despite presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry’s claims that the U.S.-Mexico border is completely lawless, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials argue that it is safer and more secure than it has ever been. continue reading »

U.S. Diplomats Set to Travel to Mexico Today to Discuss Merida Accord

Deputy Secretary Bill Burns will visit Mexico August 15-17, 2011. Building upon President Calderon’s visit in March and the U.S.-Mexico Merida High-Level Consultative Group meeting co-chaired by the Secretary in April, the Deputy Secretary will advance the U.S.-Mexico strategic partnership in promoting democracy, security, and prosperity around the world. continue reading »

Director of Mexico’s War on Drugs to Address Border Security

Mexico’s secretary of public security, Genaro García Luna, is scheduled to address the eighth annual Border Security Conference on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), August 15-16. continue reading »

U.S-Mexico Border Residents Not Surprised by Falling Crime Stats (VIDEO)

Listening to politicians, one would think that the border is rife with murder, arson, theft, kidnapping, and every other type of violent crime imaginable. Unfortunately, those who spread these images often conflate the violence associated with drugs and arms trafficking with immigration, unfairly painting immigrants as the perpetrators. continue reading »

Fox Hypes Photo Of One Man Climbing Border Fence To Fearmonger Over Border Security

Fox & Friends repeatedly aired a photo of a man climbing a fence on the Mexican border to fearmonger over border security. However, illegal border crossings have reportedly "sputtered to a trickle," and the Obama administration has taken measures to increase border security; moreover, according to Fox's own reporting, the man shown in the picture was captured by Border Patrol agents. continue reading »

Ariz. Border Patrol Canine Team Seizes 10 Pounds of Heroin

Approximately 10 pounds of heroin, with an estimated street value of $136,000, was seized Wednesday by Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers working at the Interstate 19 Border Patrol Checkpoint. continue reading »

US Border Protection Trained Mexican Customs Canine Finds $2.4 Million

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan D. Bersin today congratulated the government of Mexico on the seizure of $2.4 million in illegal cash at the Mexico City airport using a CBP-trained canine. The canine training was provided under the Merida Initiative, a joint US-Mexico effort to combat the threats of transnational narcotics trafficking and organized crime. continue reading »

Border Patrol Nabs 159 Pounds of Iguana Meat

US Border Patrol agents seized nearly 160 pounds of raw iguana meat at the San Diego Border. continue reading »

Homeland Security Asking for $30 Million to Keep National Guard At Border

The Department of Homeland Security is asking Congress’ permission to have the 1,200 National Guard troops remain along the U.S.-Mexico border for a few more months. continue reading »