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Tag Results for "Bolivia News"

Bolivia Refuses to Compensate Spanish Firm for Airport Takeover

Bolivian President Evo Morales said Friday that Spain's Abertis Infraestructuras SA and Aena would not be compensated for the nationalization of their Sabsa unit, which had managed the Andean nation's three largest airports. continue reading »

Bolivian President Says Crisis with Brazil Over Senator’s Escape Resolved

Bolivian President Evo Morales said Saturday that the crisis with Brazil is now resolved that exploded with the escape to that country of Bolivian opposition Sen. Roger Pinto without the required safe-conduct and with the direct complicity of a Brazilian diplomat. continue reading »

Bolivia, Dutch Government Reach Lithium Battery Plant Deal

The Bolivian and Dutch governments have reached agreement on the future installation of a lithium battery plant in the Andean nation and technology and knowledge transfers in that industry. continue reading »

Brazilian President Blasts Diplomats Helping Corrupt Bolivian Politician

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday denounced the decision by one of her country's diplomats to help a Bolivian senator accused of corruption sneak into Brazil. continue reading »

Death Toll of Bolivian Prison Brawl Rises to 31

The death Saturday of another inmate from serious burns raised to 31 the number of fatalities left by a brawl between two rival groups at a jail in the eastern Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, authorities said. continue reading »

Prison Brawl Leads to 15 Deaths, Dozens Injured in Bolivia

Fifteen people were killed and dozens of others injured during a brawl among rival groups of inmates at Palmasola prison in the eastern province of Santa Cruz, Bolivian police said Friday. continue reading »

Bolivian Bus Plunges Into Ravine Killing 14

Fourteen people were killed and 25 others injured Friday when their bus ran off the road and plunged into a ravine in the southern province of Tarija. continue reading »

Evo Morales Accepts Europe’s Apology for Plane Incident

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Wednesday accepted apologies offered by France, Spain, Italy and Portugal for the forced rerouting of his flight home from Russia on July 2. continue reading »

Teen Set on Fire By Angry Mob Dies in Bolivia

A 17-year-old boy in the central Bolivian province of Cochabamba died en route to the hospital after he was set on fire by a mob over an alleged attempted robbery, authorities said Wednesday. continue reading »

Natural Gas Pipeline to be Expanded in Bolivia

Bolivian state oil company YPFB inaugurated on Tuesday a pipeline expansion that will double the amount of natural gas supplied to the capital and the nearby industrial city of El Alto. continue reading »

Spain Apologies for Diplomatic “Misunderstanding” Over Bolivia’s Detoured Presidential Plane

Spain's foreign minister on Tuesday offered apologies to Bolivia's Evo Morales for "any misunderstanding" linked to last week's diversion of the Latin American leader's aircraft, but insisted that Madrid never barred the plane from its airspace. continue reading »

Edward Snowden Offered “Humanitarian Asylum” in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he had decided to offer "humanitarian asylum" to former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden to "protect him from persecution" by Washington. continue reading »

Bolivian Questions Whether Europeans Would Have Searched Obama’s Plane

The European countries involved in this week's diversion and subsequent search of Bolivian President Evo Morales's plane would not have acted likewise toward another head of state, a member of Bolivia's government suggested here Friday. continue reading »

Bolivia Threatens to Close US Embassy over Plane Row

Bolivian President Evo Morales threatened to close the U.S. Embassy in La Paz as South American leaders met in Bolivia to show their support for the president whose plane was grounded in Europe amid suspicions that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board. continue reading »

Venezuela Questions Relations with Spain Following Bolivian Plane Incident

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that he will re-evaluate relations with Spain in light of this week's incident involving Bolivian head of state Evo Morales' plane, which had to divert to Vienna after several western European countries barred the flight from their airspace. continue reading »

Brazil Robbers Kill Little Boy “Because He Wouldn’t Stop Crying”

Robbers who assaulted the home of a Bolivian couple before dawn Friday in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo killed their only child "because he wouldn't stop crying," police officials said. continue reading »

Bolivian Government to Boost Incentives for Gas Exploration

Bolivia's government, which asserted greater state control over the Andean nation's natural gas sector seven years ago, says it will issue a decree to encourage investment in exploration. continue reading »

Top 5 Countries With Highest First-Day Infant Deaths in LatAm

A recent study shed light on the number of infants who die on their first day. Save the Children ranked nearly all countries on the number of deaths per 1,000 births. Internationally, the highest infant mortality rate was Tanzania with 9 deaths for every 1,000 births and the lowest death rate was Luxembourg with less that 0.5 deaths per 1,000 births. continue reading »

Bolivian President Evo Morales Expels USAID

President Evo Morales on Wednesday expelled the U.S. Agency for International Development from Bolivia, accusing USAID of meddling in politics. He announced the decision at a May Day rally in La Paz's Murillo Square. continue reading »

Bolivian President Evo Morales Can Seek Unprecedented Third Term Constitutional Court Says

In Bolivia news, the country's Constitutional Court has ruled that current President Evo Morales can seek an unprecedented third term in spite of the constitutional ban on third terms. continue reading »