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Tag Results for "Bolivar"

Colombian Transit Bus Kills 7 and Injures 10

Seven people were killed and ten others injured when a public transit bus collided with a truck on a highway in the province of Bolivar, Colombia. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  Empanada Stop Results in $400 Million Armored Car Robbery in Venezuela

A Venezuelan armored truck carrying 1,700,000 BolĂ­vares (395 Million dollars) was robbed by six men, while a guard had na empanada breakfast! continue reading »

Donkey Eats Critical ID Registration Forms in Colombia Town

There's a donkey eating ID Registration Forms in a Colombian town and everyone is on the look out for the four-legged ID eater. In many parts of Colombia registry offices serve as the official site for getting your voter ID certification and other forms of important ID - so basically their vital. continue reading »