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Tag Results for "Board Of Immigration Appeals"

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Man on the Verge of Deportation

In the years following Joel Judulang’s parents’ arrival in the U.S., they became naturalized citizens. However, they failed to filed the proper paperwork to qualify their then 8-year-old son for citizenship. continue reading »

Board of Immigration Ascerts Immigrants Arrested Not Entitled to Certain Miranda-Like Warnings

The American Immigration Council strongly condemns last week’s ruling from the Board of Immigration Appeals holding that immigrants arrested without a warrant are not entitled to certain Miranda-like warnings prior to questioning by immigration officers. continue reading »

Noncitizens Right to Pursue Legal Action on Immigration Issues from Abroad Upheld by Courts

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit joined the growing list of courts to reject the government’s attempt to bar noncitizens from seeking reopening or reconsideration of their cases from outside the United States. continue reading »

Rights of Immigrants Who Have Mental Disabilities and Are Being Deported

The American Immigration Council’s Legal Action Center (LAC) cautiously applauds last week’s decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) concerning the rights of immigrants with mental disabilities in removal proceedings. continue reading »