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Tag Results for "Bizarre Weird News"

Dead Shark Discovered on NYC Subway

A dead shark was found in a New York City subway car, prompting passengers to flood social-networking sites with photos of the small animal. "Around 12:30 a.m. (Wednesday) the driver of the N train informed us at the Queensboro Plaza stop that there was a shark aboard," a Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA, spokesman told Efe. continue reading »

New Mexico Man Attempts to Pay Prostitute with McDonald Meal

New Mexico trucker Donald Jones, 58, is in trouble with authorities for trying to pay for sex with his McDonald’s meal and we are sure McDonald’s Corp is not happy with the publicity. continue reading »

Woman’s Pet in Dominican Republic Found to be Rare and Endangered Solenodon

A woman in Dominican Republic was found to have the rare and endangered solenodon as a house pet. The nocturnal solenodon lives in caves but was kept tied to a banana tree, now is at National Zoo. continue reading »

Florida Man Bit Off Girlfriend’s Thumb During Fight

A Florida man is being accused of biting off the left thumb of his on-again, off-again girlfriend during a fight on Wednesday. continue reading »

10-Foot-Long Python Rides on the Wing of Australian Airplane

Passengers on a Quantas jetliner began to worry during the flight when they noticed a 3-meter-long (10-foot-long) python going along for the ride, the Australian press reported Friday. continue reading »

Emergency Called After Swarms of Bees Attack Bogota

At least 12 people were stung by honeybees after an attempt to remove a hive from the eaves of a home on Bogota's west side, emergency management officials said. continue reading »

Spaniard Discovers Wife’s Mummified Body After Returning From Prison

A Spaniard returned home after being released from prison and found his wife's mummified body in her home. Evidently, it had been more than a year since he had heard from her. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  57-Year-Old Dies After Choking on Bag of Cocaine Hidden in His Rectum

Hermilo Salcedo, 57, of Las Cruces, New Mexico has died after being hospitalized for choking on a bag of cocaine he attempted to swallow to keep away from law enforcement. continue reading »