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Tag Results for "Biebs"

This is No Run of The Bulls. This is What Bieber-Fever Looks Like in Perú (VIDEO)

Watch as Peruvian fans of Justin Bieber sprint behind his car hooting, screaming, and taunting in the same fashion as crowds do to bulls in Pamplona. continue reading »

Meet Anthony De La Torre, Ohio’s Own Justin Bieber Double (VIDEO)

Anthony looks so much like the Biebs, that he’s been able to make money impersonating the teen idol at birthday parties. continue reading »

Justin Bieber Receives Death Threats in Perú

A Facebook page calling for Justin Bieber's murder during his Perú tour date on October 17 has made over 1,000 followers! continue reading »

Justin Bieber in a Quest to Find Mexican Crying Fan (VIDEO)

Justin is trying to locate a young fan who broke into tears when she found out his Monterrey, Mexico show was sold out. continue reading »

Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooooh. Bieber-Fever Reaches Lima, Peru (VIDEO)

Be a witness to the effect the 17 year old Canadian boy singer has on Peruvian teens. They are even planning a flashmob to greet him! continue reading »