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Tag Results for "Benefits Of Immigration"

How to Fix a Broken Border: Hit the Cartels Where It Hurts

Both sides of the immigration debate agree that our southwest border is “broken,” but they have very different views as to why or how to fix it. On one side, immigration reform advocates point to a broken immigration system that forces immigrants into the hands of increasingly violent smugglers in order to make the trip to the United States. continue reading »

Senate Subcommittee Concludes- Immigration Reform Imperative for Economic Growth

“Removing barriers to legal immigration would be an enormous benefit to our economy,” said Nowrasteh. “Immigrants of all skill levels, from the highly skilled to the lower skilled, create jobs and economic opportunities for Americans.” continue reading »

Mayor Bloomberg:  Immigration Necessary for U.S. Growth - “You Can’t Deport Them”

This Sunday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a guest on “Fox News Sunday” where he once again extolled the virtue of immigrants and immigration. continue reading »

Paulina Rael Jaramillo:  Immigration and How it Benefits the U.S.

Immigrants from various countries come to America seeking an opportunity to improve their lives and create a foundation of success for their children to build upon. continue reading »