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Tag Results for "Benefits Of Being Bilingual"

Want to Delay Alzheimers and Get a Brain Boost?  Become Bilingual Studies Show

Studies carried out in Canada at York University and here at Penn State have found that individuals that had a high probability to get Alzheimer’s disease could delay the onset if they were bilingual. continue reading »

STUDY:  Bilingual Toddlers Have Edge Over Other Toddlers Who Only Speak One Language

Researchers from Canada’s Concordia and York universities have published their study in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology showing that bilingual toddlers have a cognitive edge over their monolingual peers. continue reading »

The Power of Bilingualism

UCLA linguist expert, Jared Diamond, has just published his findings on the benefits of ‘multilingualism’ in this current issue of Science and has confirmed what many belief: the benefits are many. continue reading »