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Tag Results for "Barack Obama"

Latinos Part of High Level Post Inaugural Rumor Mill

One of the interesting things about being in Washington DC for a few days after a presidential inaugural is the sifting through the residual rumors. It’s a lot like walking a shoreline after a storm, all sorts of things catch your eye. continue reading »

Denis McDonough Named As Obama’s New Chief of Staff

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday named Denis McDonough, who had been serving as deputy national security advisor, as his new chief of staff. continue reading »

President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration - Watch it Live (VIDEO)

Historians Robert Caro, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Douglas Brinkley, and Michael Beschloss speak on the historical significance of a Presidential Inauguration and a President's s continue reading »

Latinos in the President’s Cabinet? It’s Not Just About “Optics”

I have a problem with pundits and commentators calling President Obama’s lack of diversity in his cabinet a matter of “optics.” As if the President were an optometrist and his cabinet were a set of lenses. As if the president’s cabinet were not so much a working kitchen cabinet but a china cabinet, where things are placed to be seen and seldom used. continue reading »

President Obama’s Inauguration to Take Place Monday

On Inauguration Day, the President-elect and Vice President-elect swear in and take office. Visit USA.gov's President Barack Obama page for information about Inauguration Day events. You can also learn about inaugural history, download the 57th Presidential Inauguration mobile app, and view a video about the ceremony location. continue reading »

Latino Organizations Call on Obama, EPA To Address Environmental Issues

This week, over 20 Latino leaders and organizations submitted a letter to the White House today asking President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency for strong standards to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants. continue reading »

Obama Wants Comprehensive Immigration Law With Path to Citizenship

U.S. President Barack Obama plans to present in the coming months an immigration reform package contained in a single law that will open up a pathway to citizenship for the majority of illegal immigrants, The New York Times reported Sunday. continue reading »

Obama Reveals U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Will Switch to Support Role

President Barack Obama said Friday that U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan will soon begin shifting from a combat role to one of supporting Afghan security forces. continue reading »

Hispanic Poet to Recite Poem Following Inauguration’s “Our People, Our Future” Theme

Cuban American poet Richard Blanco has been selected to recite a poem at the Jan. 21 inauguration of President Barack Obama, according to the organizing committee for the event. continue reading »

Lawmakers Approve $9.7 Billion in Aid for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives approved Friday a first provision of $9.7 billion for homeowners who suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy, three days after it earned angry protests for delaying the vote. continue reading »

President Obama Voices Opinion on Assault Riffle Ban

President Barack Obama reiterated his support in an interview broadcast Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" for a ban on assault rifles and a push for legislation next year to stem firearms violence in the United States. continue reading »

Obama Remains Positive After Budget Talks

President Barack Obama described himself as "moderately optimistic" after Friday's talks with congressional leaders on a possible solution to the so-called fiscal cliff. continue reading »

Connecticut Elementary School Shooter Killed Himself As Police Approached

Adam Lanza, who massacred 26 people at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, committed suicide as soon as he heard police approaching, indicating that he may have planned an even larger massacre, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy said Sunday on "This Week" on ABC. continue reading »

How Women Changed the Outcome of the Election

There has been much discussion about the demographic makeup of the 2012 electorate, and one thing is clear: Women’s voices determined the outcome of the election. Across the board, women made the difference. Here are seven key facts about women voters and the gender gap in the 2012 elections. continue reading »

Obama To ‘Begin An All Out Drive For Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ In January

President Obama will “begin an all-out drive for comprehensive immigration reform, including seeking a path to citizenship” for 11 million undocumented immigrants, after Congress addresses the fiscal cliff, the Los Angeles Times reports continue reading »

Obama Looking for $60.4 Billion to Fund Hurricane Sandy Recovery

President Barack Obama on Friday asked Congress to approve $60.4 billion in additional federal funds for the recovery from Superstorm Sandy, which killed more than 130 people and caused massive damage when it slammed into the U.S. Northeast in late October. continue reading »

Families of Detained Immigrants Denounce Homeland Security After Elk Grove Raid

Families are demanding Homeland Security to release their loved ones due to a raid in Elk Grove, Illinois. Below is a statement prepared by the families of those who were detained: continue reading »

Latinos Aren’t a Sleeping Giant. Latinos are Awake, Standing and Listening.

There’s a difference between waking up and standing up. And there comes a point where old, tired analogies should be scuttled. Latino politics are at that point; the recent national election emphasized it with several ending exclamation marks. continue reading »

NHCLC President Responds to Obama’s Re-election

The following is a statement from the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: "First, permit me to congratulate the President on his re-election. I pray that our President will be used by God to bring our nation together. I pray that he will recognize the image of God in every human being (in and out of the womb), strengthen families, defend religious liberty both domestically and abroad, alleviate poverty, protect our Judeo-Christian value system, and advance the cause of immigration reform. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Did Latinos Vote in the 2012 Presidential Elections?

Both parties recognized the importance of Latinos in the 2012 elections. While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama eagerly campaigned to Hispanics, it was obvious which candidate fared better with the Latino vote. Obama won 71 percent of the vote and ultimately won the election. continue reading »