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Tag Results for "Barack Obama"

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Obama Turns 50

Obama began his birthday celebrations at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom Wednesday night, as supporters serenaded him with "Happy Birthday" before he went on to attend several political fundraisers. continue reading »

President Obama and President Santos Meet in Oval Office (VIDEO)

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama met with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia in the Oval Office at the White House. continue reading »

“Yes We Can” VS. “Begins With Us in 2012” Obama Launches Reelection Bid (VIDEO)

In 2008, Obama entered the race for president with the unforgettably bold, inspirational and catchy "Yes We Can." For his 2012 bid, the president has released a video titled “It Begins With Us,” where supporters talk about the need to reelect the president for a second term in the White House. continue reading »

The Obamas in Chile, 2nd Leg of Their Latin American Visit (PHOTOS)

The Obama's have arrived in Santiago de Chile, after a visit to Brazil. Chile is the second nation in President Obama's 2011 Latin American tour. continue reading »

Think Again: The Hate We Tolerate

Between Beck’s television program and his even less restrained daily radio broadcast, Fox is supporting the spreading of some genuinely worrisome, potentially violence-inducing arguments against America’s president continue reading »

This Week in Washington by David Axelrod

Yesterday, we got some good news about the American economy. 113,000 new private sector jobs were created by America’s businesses in December, the twelfth consecutive month of positive job growth in this country. continue reading »

Will Chicago’s Bill Daley be Obama’s new Chief of Staff?

Though no final decisions have been made, William Daley, former Commerce Secretary and brother to Mayor Richard Daley is considered to be top on the list for the Presidents Chief of Staff position. continue reading »

Obama Signs Bill to Improve U.S. Food Safety, giving FDA New Powers

President Barack Obama Tuesday signed sweeping new legislation that gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration unprecedented powers to keep the nation's food supply safe. continue reading »

Chavez Agrees with China in Dissing Nobel Peace Prize given to Chinese Dissident

The Chinese government has found an ally in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in agreeing that jailed dissident, Liu Xiaobo, should not have received the Nobel Prize for Peace. continue reading »

President Obama in the Windy City to Raise Money for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

President Barack Obama arrived home to Chicago Thursday evening hoping to raise 750,000 to be split between the Giannoulias campaign and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. continue reading »

Left Leaning Roid Rage by President Rafael Correa

Left Leaning Roid Rage by President Rafael Correa continue reading »