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Tag Results for "Banning Bullfighting"

Ricky Gervais Helping to Ban Bullfighting in Spain

English actor and comic Ricky Gervais has joined the “Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting” public service campaign. The creator of TV’s popular “The Office” views the Spanish national pastime as simply “cruel”. He is urging Spain to outlaw bullfighting as soon as possible. continue reading »

Northern Mexican State Bans Bullfighting

Sonora this week became the first Mexican state to ban bullfighting, passing a law against cruelty to animals, which, however, does not include the very popular spectacle of cockfighting, local legislative officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Mexico City Takes First Step in Banning Bullfighting

A commission of the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City approved a bill that would ban bullfights in the Mexican capital. Three of the panel's members endorsed the measure, while two others abstained and a sixth member walked out before the vote. continue reading »

‘Bloody’ Protest Against Bullfighting is Held in Mexico (VIDEO)

The animal-rights group AnimaNaturalis held a protest in Mexico demanding the country ban bullfighting. About 750 animal-right activists soaked themselves in blood and laid on the ground to the astonishment of passerbys. continue reading »