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Tag Results for "Back To School"

Help Your Kids with Their Homework With These Tips

There are many things you can do to help your kids start the school year on the right track, like replacing an old backpack or getting them the school supplies they need. But there's something more meaningful you can do that may not cost money: help them with their homework. continue reading »

Ease Your Child Back Into the School Routine with Discovery Familia’s Educational Programming

Just because summer is coming to a close does not mean the fun has to stop. This August, as the kids prepare to go back to school, Discovery Familia enters the fascinating universe of words with WordWorld, an innovative series that introduces young viewers to the English language and reading skills and sets the groundwork for a bilingual generation. WordWorld premieres on August 6 at 3pm ET/12pm PT and will air Monday through Friday in the same time slot. continue reading »

Simple Safety Steps Can Make Back to School a Breeze

Parents need to take care of health, safety concerns of kids, experts say. Along with buying new clothes and classroom supplies, parents need to think about health and safety as they prepare their children to return to school. continue reading »

THIS SATURDAY! All Children are Welcome to the 2nd Ward Back-to-School Health Fair

Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) and the employees of Rush University Medical Center invite you and your children to the annual 2nd Ward Back to School Health Fair this Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. continue reading »

Back To School, Back Packs and Back Health

Quick tips for helping prevent back pain and damage As recent studies have found, and parents have long suspected, school backpacks — which are often overloaded and improperly carried — can cause back pain in kids, teenagers and college students. This back pain could lead to some long-term damage, according to Dr. Jerrel Boyer, a neurological surgeon at the Chicago Back Institute. “Young people are typically strong and healthy, and they heal quickly, so back pain is usually not a concern. However, it is important to be aware of your back health even at a young age because stress on the spine is cumulative over time,” Boyer said. “Wear and tear on your back at a young age can accelerate injuries or the degenerative process later in life.” continue reading »