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Tag Results for "Asylum"

7 Members of Cuban National Ballet Defect During International Tour

Seven members of the Cuban National Ballet defected during a recent tour in Mexico and all but one have crossed the border into the United States, a Miami-based news Web site reported. continue reading »

Sculpture Marking 50th Anniversary of Cuba’s Child Exodus Unveiled in Miami

Miami-Dade College unveiled a large-scale sculpture to mark the 50th anniversary of Operation Peter Pan, which resulted in 14,048 unaccompanied kids leaving Cuba in what is considered the largest child exodus in the West during the 20th century. continue reading »

Mexican Journalists and Activists Continue to Flee to U.S.

Mexican journalists and activists continue coming to the United States asking for what their own country is not giving them, the chance to live without fear, attorney Carlos Spector - who represents about a dozen of these people, most recently reporter Miguel Lopez Solana - told Efe. continue reading »

Young Mexican Girl Granted Asylum in US After Mother and Grandmother Killed

A 4-year-old Mexican girl whose mother and grandmother were murdered south of the border has received asylum in the United States, her uncle said Friday. continue reading »

Guatemalan Women being Considered for Special Asylum Group

Lesly Yajayra Perdomo came to the US from Guatemala in 1991, when she was 16 to join her mother. Lesly has lived here for 18 years and works as a secretary in New York, and she is seeking asylum because she would be unsafe in her home country. Perdoma has been fighting deportation since 2003. Her request for asylum is continue reading »