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Tag Results for "Arizona"

My Deputies will Arrest Them and Put Them in Pink Underwear - Joe Arpaio

Demonstrators carried through on their promise of a nonviolent rally today despite the fact that yesterday much of the proposed Arizona bill was blocked. Hundreds of protesters met at the state capital in Phoenix at dawn, then marched down to the continue reading »

SB 1070 Ruling Giving Pause to Other States

For the lawmakers or candidates in the 18 states outside of Arizona considering similar legislation to SB 1070, yesterdays ruling will give significant pause. The core of Judge Susan Bolton ruling is that that the government has a strong argument that federal immigration law trumps state law. This continue reading »

Hispanics in Arizona Brace for Thursday

As Arizona prepares to be the first state in the country that makes being an undocumented immigrant a crime, the Hispanic community is being spurred into action. National and Local organizations are calling for statewide demonstrations with protests outside the capitol in Phoenix. Emotions spiked as Maricopa County continue reading »

Safeco Field in Seattle Location of Another SB 1070 Protest

A group of protesters is scheduled to meet at tonight’s baseball game in Seattle. The Mariners are playing the Boston Red Soxs. The display is to draw attention to the location of the 2011 All-Star Game. If Arizona SB 1070 goes into effect, the call is for major league baseball to boycott the next All-Star game scheduled for Arizona. continue reading »

What Does an illegal Immigrant Look Like?

These people have agreed to have their photographs taken, some are illegal immigrants, and some are not. As the Arizona Law SB 1070 is set to take effect on July 29th, many fear the enforcement of the law will lead to racial profiling. It is true that the majority of illegal immigrants in Arizona are Hispanic: it is also true that most Hispanics in Arizona are NOT illegal immigrants, many with generations of citizenship with them. continue reading »

Unauthorized Vigilantes Patrolling AZ Border, Legally

Unauthorized Vigilantes Patrolling AZ Border, Legally Jason “J.T.” Ready is a different type of civilian border watcher. He and his group are carrying assault weapons, wearing army fatigues, body armor and gas masks. "We're not going to sit around and wait for the government anymore," Ready continue reading »

July 2010 on line to be Deadliest Month yet for Immigrants Crossing the AZ Desert

Between increased border security forcing immigrants to travel more remote dangerous routes and unrelenting high temperatures a record number of deaths have been recorded this month. continue reading »