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Tag Results for "Arizona"

More Arizona Residents Registering to Vote Thanks to Supreme Court Ruling

Motivated by the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision permitting Arizona residents to register to vote without presenting proof of citizenship, local organizations are hitting the streets to register Latino voters. continue reading »

Arizona Immigrants Not Giving Up After Court Setback on Licenses

Young undocumented immigrants in Arizona said Friday that they will fight on in the courts despite a federal judge throwing out their plea to be given the immediate possibility of obtaining driver's licenses. continue reading »

Libro Traficante - Smuggling Banned Books Into Arizona

We’re big fans of Tony Diaz, AKA el Librotraficante, and the work he’s doing to shed light on the issue of banned Latino books. When the books were banned in Arizona, he became a book trafficker to take (smuggle?) them in… continue reading »

Arizona State University Opens Law Firm To Give Students More Experience

As broke, struggling college students just barely making ends meet under the stress of higher academics, jobs to pay the school loans, and any other activities requiring attention, the last thing administrators need to remind juniors and seniors about is life after graduation. continue reading »

Hispanic Studies Returns to Arizona School District Curriculum

Starting next school year, the Tucson Unified School District will once again have to include in its curriculum courses on Hispanic and African American culture as part of a court-approved plan to settle a four-decade-old lawsuit over segregation. continue reading »

“Respect Arizona” Wants to Remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A bipartisan group in Arizona will try to oust controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a recall election. continue reading »

Will Arizona Elect it’s First Hispanic U.S. Senator? Richard Carmona Hopes So

Richard Carmona, a former U.S. surgeon general, is very close to becoming the first Latino to be elected to the federal Senate from Arizona, a state that has clashed with Washington in defending its stand against undocumented immigration. continue reading »

Arizona Universities May Open In-State Tuition to Deferred Action Beneficiaries

Undocumented immigrants who obtain work permits under the federal Deferred Action program may qualify for in-state tuition at public universities in Arizona. continue reading »

Anti-immigration Measures Have Negatively Impacted Arizona’s Economy

The state of Arizona is hurting its own economy by approving harsh measures targeting undocumented immigrants, according to a report by a libertarian think-tank. continue reading »

Tequila Party Responds to Recent Supreme Court Decision to Arizona SB 1070

The National Tequila Party Movement responded to the Supreme Court’s June 2012 decision with regard to SB 1070 when they wrote: continue reading »

English Language Learners to Receive Extra Care from Arizona

The Arizona Department of Education must provide targeted help to tens of thousands of English Language Learner students who were passed out of ELL programs before they were ready, the U.S. Justice Department said Friday. continue reading »

Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio Believes Government Should Honor Him, Not Question His Tactics

The sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, said Wednesday in Tampa that the Obama administration should give him a "medal" for apprehending undocumented immigrants rather than investigating him for his methods. continue reading »

Command of English Necessary to Hold Office in Arizona, Says State Supreme Court

Someone wanting to run for public office in Arizona can be kept off the ballot if he or she lacks a sufficient command of English, the state's Supreme Court said Friday. continue reading »

ACLU Criticizes Arizona for Denying Driver’s Licenses to Deferred Action Recipients

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's decision to deny driver's licenses to young undocumented immigrants who qualify for Deferred Action has drawn criticism from the ACLU, which says the move shows a failure to grasp the subtleties of immigration law. continue reading »

When Will Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” Go Into Effect?

Arizona is waiting for the court decision that could determine the exact date when the "show me your papers" provision of the state's SB 1070 immigration law goes into effect, which could have been Friday. continue reading »

DEA Arrest 20 Gang Members Connected to Sinaloa Cartel in Drug Bust

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and police in the Arizona city of Tempe have arrested 20 members of a criminal gang linked to Mexico's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, authorities said. continue reading »

Obama Has Major Lead in Key Electoral States

President Barack Obama is leading likely Republican opponent Mitt Romney among Hispanic voters in the key electoral states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia, according to a survey released Friday. continue reading »

Judge Bars State Intervention in Tucson Desegregation Case

A Tucson federal court barred the State of Arizona from intervening in an ongoing school desegregation case involving discrimination against Latino students by the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). continue reading »

J.T. Ready: The Link Between White Supremacy and Anti-Immigration Groups in Arizona

Jason Todd Ready was a neo-Nazi who didn’t try to hide the fact that he was ready and willing to use deadly force on the U.S.-Mexico border to stop the incursion of undocumented immigrants. That his life came to a violent end was no surprise to those who, over the years, had tried to raise awareness about the danger to society posed by Ready and his associates. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Arizona Man Shoots His Manhood Off With Pink Gun

Police in Az. Are urging people to use holsters, and avoid using their waist bands, like the very unfortunate Joshua Seto. continue reading »