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Tag Results for "Argentine Soccer Star"

Diego Maradona Files Complaint with Popular Argentine TV Host

Soccer legend Diego Maradona has filed a contempt complaint against popular Argentine TV host Susana Gimenez after she talked on the air about his youngest son, Diego Fernando, an accusation the celebrity termed "stupidity." continue reading »

Maradona Files Complaint Against Ex-Partner Over Twitter Photos of Son

Argentine soccer icon Diego Maradona has filed a complaint against former partner Veronica Ojeda after she posted photos of their infant son to a social-networking site in defiance of a court order. continue reading »

Diego Maradona in Argentina for his Mother’s Funeral

A bereaved Diego Maradona accompanied on Monday the funeral procession of his mother, Dalma Salvadora Franco, to the Jardin private cemetery in Bella Vista, a city on the outskirts of Argentina's capital. continue reading »