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Tag Results for "Argentina News"

Argentina Police Arrested for Leaking Corpse Photos of Model Jazmin de Grazia

The Argentine government has fired 11 Federal Police officers for their alleged responsibility in leaking photographs of the corpse of model Jazmin De Grazia that were published earlier this weekend in a Buenos Aires newspaper, police said Sunday. continue reading »

Argentina Investing $300 Million to Improve Roads

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $300 million loan to finance the expansion, rehabilitation and improvement of roads in Argentina. continue reading »

Argentina Ex-Spy Accused by Daughter of Running Sex Ring

The daughter of former Argentine intelligence officer Raul Martins will arrive in Mexico this week with evidence that her father is running a sex trafficking ring in the Mexican resort city of Cancun, an activist told Efe Monday. continue reading »

Liberian Grounded Vessel Blocking Argentina’s Main Shipping Port

A Liberian-flagged vessel that ran aground last Tuesday near the port of Rosario, Argentina's main grain export hub, is blocking some 20 cargo ships from leaving the port, local media reported Sunday. continue reading »

Pregnancy of 11-Year Old Argentinian Girl Renews Debate About Legalizing Abortion in the Country

The case of a pregnant 11-year-old girl, whose mother asked a court to give her daughter permission to have her pregnancy interrupted - but later unexpectedly dropped the petition - has renewed the controversy in Argentina about legalizing abortion. continue reading »

Vice President of Paraguay Assures Country ‘Gifting’ Energy to Argentina

Federico Franco, Vice President of Paraguay, maintains that the expansion of Yacyretá, a binational dam and hydroelectric power plant, will depend on the annulment of debt with Buenos Aires as well as business with Uruguay. continue reading »

Argentine Teacher Found Murdered after Missing for 10 Days

Argentine police on Sunday found the lifeless body of Silvia Prigent, a teacher who had gone missing 10 days ago, authorities said. continue reading »

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Home from Hospital with Good News: No Cancer

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez left hospital Saturday and returned to her official residence in Buenos Aires with wonderful news - following her thyroid operation, doctors reversed her diagnosis for cancer. continue reading »

Buenos Aires Now a Smoke-Free City

Buenos Aires, starting Thursday, is now a smoke-free city after the entry into force of an ordinance prohibiting smoking in closed areas, such as bars, restaurants and rooms where the public gathers. continue reading »

Bank Robbers in Argentina Leave With 2 Bags of Letters, No Money

Seven armed assailants wearing masks stormed a bank in the Argentine capital on Thursday, but walked out only with two sacks of letters. continue reading »

Argentine President Kirchner Has Thyroid Cancer to Take Short-Leave of Absence

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez will undergo surgery on Jan. 4 to remove a tumor on her thyroid gland, presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro said. The tumor was discovered when the 58-year-old president underwent a routine medical exam, Scoccimarro said. continue reading »

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis Blogs on Her Travels to Argentina and Tackling Child Labor Issues

Check out the blog of Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis as she traveled this month to Argentina for the inauguration of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Solis attended on President Obama's continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Argentine Gov’t Official Commits Suicide While Traveling with Pres. Kirchner

Argentina’s Trade Undersecretary, Iván Heyn, committed suicide while at the Mercosur Summit in Uruguay. continue reading »

Argentina Cab Driver Gets Thumb Cut & Thrown in Street By Muggers, Reattached Later

Three young people got into the taxi of Argentine cab driver Raúl Rodríguez, took his money, and chopped off his right thumb because he didn’t have a cell-phone! continue reading »

Fidel Castro Publishes “Reflections” Book in Argentina

The Argentinean Congress presented Friday a book of reflections written by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, on the mercenary invasion of the Bay of Pigs in April, 1961. continue reading »

Executives Charged in U.S of $100 Million Bribery Scheme Involving Argentine Government Officials

Eight former executives and agents of Siemens AG and its subsidiaries have been charged for allegedly engaging in a decade-long scheme to bribe senior Argentine government officials to secure continue reading »

He Raped Her, She Forgave Him, They Got Married, He Murdered Her

An 18 year old Argentine girl was stabbed to death in front of her child by the man who had raped her, and had forgiven him enough to accept him as her husband. continue reading »

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner Sworn in For 2nd Term as President of Argentina

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was sworn in for a second term here Saturday in a ceremony in which she broke with protocol by referring to her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner, while taking the oath of office. continue reading »

Argentine Nursery Home Pins Bill to 3 Year Old Girl’s Smock

The “Crear” Nursery home in Argentina has been closed while authorities investigate the case of a 3 year-old who was sent home with a bill for $35 pinned to her smock. continue reading »

Indigenous Indians Take Over U.S. Gas Plant in Argentina

Apache, a Houston-based energy company that began operating in Argentina in 2001 but has been forced to halt drilling for security reasons, has urged the courts to intervene and resolve the conflict, company spokespersons told Efe. continue reading »