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Tag Results for "Anti Immigration Legislation"

Arizona’s SB1070 Get’s Its Day in Court, Won’t Change Anti-Latino Sentiment It Spawned

The Supreme Court heard arguments today for and against Arizona’s two-year old immigration law known as SB1070. SB1070 was the pioneer in anti-immigrant legislation that gave seed to 36 other states introducing similar legislation and 5 passing laws modeled on it. continue reading »

Hispanic Republican Group Urge Porsche to Boycott Georgia in Light of Anti-Immigrant Laws

Somos Republicans, a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization, is urging Porsche North American to reconsider its decision to build a new headquarters facility in the state of Georgia. continue reading »

Spotlighting the Plight of Immigrant Minors

Even as strict immigration bills await committee hearings in the Texas Legislature, a steady stream of unaccompanied immigrant minors continues to attempt to cross the border into the United States. Figures show more than half come from as far away as Honduras and Guatemala. What happens to these children, some only toddlers, if they’re apprehended? continue reading »

Alabama’s State House Passes Arizona-like Anti-Immigration Law

Late last night the Alabama State House of Representatives in a 73-28 vote passed an anti-immigration law that will allow police officers to hold people suspected of being in the country illegally. continue reading »

Were Arizona Business Leaders Behind the State’s “Time Out” on Anti-Immigrant Legislation?

When Arizona’s Senate rejected five anti-immigrant bills that included denying citizenship to children born to undocumented immigrants to requiring immigration documentation when buying a car, everyone was asking WHAT HAPPENED. continue reading »

Thousands Come Out to Protest in Texas Against 60 Proposed Anti-Immigration Bills

Hundreds of immigrants, students, advocates and military members come out in protest at the Texas state capital, against the various bills being proposed on immigration. The theme of the protest rally was “Texas Can do Better.” continue reading »

Virginia Senate Kills 10 Immigration Bills

A Senate subcommittee rejected 10 illegal immigration–related bills late Wednesday to the cheers of the many Hispanic Virginians who filled the hearing room. continue reading »

UPDATE: Freemont Nebraska Votes to Suspend Anti-Immigration Ban

UPDATE: Tuesday night the Fremont Nebraska City Council voted unanimously to suspend the ban on renting to or hiring undocumented immigrants. The action is seen as temporary while the city takes a step back to see if the courts support the ban's legality during several court challenges. continue reading »