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Tag Results for "Anti Immigration Laws"

OPINION:  “Papers, Please” Upheld Endangering Women Immigrants’ Civil Rights

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton issued an opinion that upheld the controversial “papers, please” provision of the harsh Arizona immigration law SB 1070, threatening the civil rights of women immigrants across the country. continue reading »

Portions of Immigration Laws in Alabama and Georgia Blocked by Federal Courts

A federal appeals court has blocked several provisions of anti-immigration laws in Alabama and Georgia, while leaving intact each state’s so-called “show me your papers” policies — a mixed-bag for those on either side of the heated debate over states’ immigration policies. continue reading »

Less Mexicans Migrating to U.S. Due to Poor Economy, “Arizona Effect”

The recession that began in late 2007 and tough immigration laws pushed by Arizona and other U.S. states have slowed the growth of immigration from Mexico to its northern neighbor, according to a study released in Mexico City by the BBVA Bancomer Foundation. continue reading »

Florida Congressman Introduces His Complicated, Onerous Alternative To The DREAM Act

Immigration remains a divisive issue for Republicans, with a faction of the party backing anti-immigrant laws while others are more moderate. On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney tried to straddle the divide. He first promised to veto the DREAM Act to win over hard right primary voters, before saying in April that he would be OK with the legislation for people who serve in the military. continue reading »

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Urges South Carolina Hispanics to Fight New Immigration Law

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) urged the Hispanic community in South Carolina to join forces to fight law SB 20, which allows authorities to question the immigration status continue reading »

POLL:  Voters Not As Concerned Anti-Immigration Efforts Will Violate Their Own Civil Rights

Voters are showing less concern that anti-immigration efforts will also end up violating civil rights and most continue to oppose automatic citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal immigrants. continue reading »

Georgia’s Anti-Immigration Law Hits Restaurant Industry

Georgia is becoming a state that has food, but no immigrants to cook it, and is abundant in fruit, but has nobody to pick it. How extreme do things need to get before lawmakers open their eyes to the damage the state's new anti-immigration law, House Bill 87, is incurring? continue reading »

Southern Poverty Law Center & ACLU Join Forces, File Lawsuit Against Recent Alabama Immigration Law

Leaders from key civil rights organizations gathered on a national telephonic press conference this afternoon to denounce Alabama’s extreme anti-immigrant law as a radical departure from American values and to announce a court challenge. continue reading »