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Tag Results for "Amazon Indians"

Amazon Indians Win Case Against Illegal Mining, Logging in Peru

A small community of Indians from the Peruvian Amazon has won a court case with potentially far-reaching implications for indigenous land rights in the country. continue reading »

Amazon Indians in Brazil Burn Down Local Police Station

Some 60 indigenous people set fire to a police station in the northern Brazilian town of Jacareacanga, the government of Para state said Tuesday. continue reading »

Court Rules Amazon Indians Not Affected by Dam Construction

A Brazilian federal court gave the green light for construction of the controversial Belo Monte dam, ruling it will not directly affect any Amazon Indian communities. continue reading »

Bolivian Evo Morales Cancels Controversial Amazon Highway

As 2,000 or more Amazonian Indians made their way through Bolivia to the capital of La Paz to meet with President Evo Morales on a controversial highway, he announced he was scraping the whole project. continue reading »

Violent Attacks on Brazil’s Indigenous Indians Being Reported as They Claim Ancestral Land

Survival International has received reports that truckloads of armed men are violently driving Brazil’s Guarani from their land, leaving them in fear of their lives. continue reading »

Panama to Improve Health Services in Indigenous and Rural Areas

Panama will revamp its primary health care system and improve maternal, neonatal and chronic disease care with a loan of up to $50 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Peru’s Discloses Plans to Open ‘Uncontacted Tribes’ Land to Oil Companies

Peru’s Indian Affairs Department has revealed plans to open up uncontacted tribes’ reserves to oil companies – just days before the country’s new government takes office. continue reading »