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Tag Results for "Alvaro Huerta"

Striking Out in Phoenix: MLB’s Lack of Respect for Latinos

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently struck out, big time, by stubbornly refusing to relocate the 82nd All-Star Game from Phoenix, Arizona, to another city due to the desert state’s racist immigration law, SB 1070. Although the core of this draconian law remains under a federal court injunction, if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has her way, it can go all the way to the conservative-dominated Supreme Court and set a devastating legal precedent against 50 million Latinos in the U.S.. continue reading »

Defeat of DREAM Act Will Hurt Opponents

Republicans managed to defeat the DREAM Act, but it’s a victory that will haunt them. The DREAM Act — the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act — died in the Senate on Dec.18, just five votes away from the 60 needed to advance. continue reading »

It’s Time for Public Housing Bureaucrats to Stop Acting Like they’re Prison Wardens

As a former, long-term resident of East Los Angeles' notorious Ramona Gardens housing project, I'm appalled by the local housing authority's Big Brother control over the residents - mainly poor Latinos and African-Americans. continue reading »

Hard Work, Tough Lessons

In light of the rampant xenophobia in this country, I reflect on the lessons that I learned as a tween day laborer many years ago. Working alongside Latino immigrant men during a hot summer in Malibu, I learned firsthand the trials and tribulations of manual labor. continue reading »

Give Credit to Paid, Diligent Latino Gardeners

The underappreciated group has faced many trials but continues to make our world more beautiful. Countering the stereotypical portrayals of paid gardeners in Hollywood, television and the mainstream media, where these individuals represent so-called “ignorant workers” with little to contribute, over the years I’ve found these individuals to be highly intelligent, productive members of society. continue reading »

The Curious Case of Latino Republicans

In light of the GOP’s nasty attacks against Latino immigrants, how can any rational Latino vote Republican during the upcoming November 2nd elections? Worse yet, how can any Latino be a member of a political party whose national platform centers on blaming brown immigrants for most of the country’s social and economic ills? continue reading »