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Tag Results for "All Souls Day"

Stampede at Halloween Concert Leaves 3 Dead in Madrid

Three young women died and two other people are in critical condition after suffering cardiorespiratory collapse during a stampede at a big Halloween party in Madrid, first responders told Efe. continue reading »

US Border Prepares for Mexican Ghosts, Witches and Princesses as They Come Over to Trick and Treat

Customs inspectors on the U.S. southern border are preparing for Halloween night, when - by tradition - there will be an increase in vehicular traffic to ferry witches, mummies, princesses and other characters across the U.S. border to cities such as El Paso. continue reading »

Halloween Brings Ghosts, Zombies, & Vampires to Spain

Halloween, an Anglo tradition, is becoming more and more popular in Spain, as seen by the growing number of activities and sales of articles for its celebration.Businesses are jumping on the Halloween bandwagon, promoting "terror" with a wide choice of products. continue reading »

Celebrate “Día De los Muertos” Throughout Latin America

Celebrate With us “Dia de los Muertos,” the Latin American holiday that starts on “All Saints Day” (November 1st) and ends after "All Souls Day" (November 2nd). continue reading »

Day of the Dead, When the Spirits of the Departed Return to Earth

On Thursday (November 1), many Christians mark All Saints Day, and on Friday (November 2), All Souls Day honors the saints and faithful who have died. During this time, continue reading »