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Tag Results for "Albuquerque New Mexico"

Hispanic Hero Who Thwarted NM Kidnapping Honored While Disclosing He is Undocumented

Friday, Albuquerque honored one of its locals, Antonio Diaz Chacon, as a true hero for thwarting the kidnapping of a 6-year old in his neighborhood. Little did he know that in doing what he claimed “anyone would do” his undocumented status would be revealed and place him center stage of the immigration reform debate. continue reading »

Bizarre & Tragic: New Mexico Man Attacks Police with Crucifix, Dies After Being Tasered

Many locals in Albuquerque, New Mexico said Jerry Perea was turning his life around by finding God after his numerous brushes with the law. Then it all turned tragic and bizarre yesterday afternoon. continue reading »

DNA Test Points to Anthony Garcia as Semen-Tainting Yogurt Culprit

31-year old Anthony Garcia has been fingered as the culprit who put his semen in a free frozen yogurt sample at the local Sunflower Market in Albuquerque. continue reading »