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Tag Results for "Alabama Immigration"

Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law Fosters Anti-Latino Discrimination

According to a new report from the National Immigration Law Center, anti-Latino discrimination is alive and well in Alabama, and has gotten a seal of approval from the governor and the state legislature. HB 56, the state’s increasingly infamous anti-immigrant law, went into effect on June 9, 2011, and has since inspired all manner of bias aimed at Latino residents of the state. S continue reading »

Alabama Governor Signs Bill That Makes State’s Immigration Law Even Worse

Last week, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley publicly criticized a bill intended to revise key sections of the state’s controversial immigration law (HB 56). He even announced a special legislative session to address his issues with the bill­­­­­—namely, a provision that requires school officials to check the immigration status of enrolling students and that of their parents and a provision that requires Alabama’s Department of Homeland Security continue reading »

Communities of Faith in Alabama Launch TV Ad Calling Immigration Law Immoral

Late last week, the Alabama legislature introduced a bill to change the state’s disastrous anti-immigrant law, HB 56. The new changes don’t even come close to fixing the problem - in fact they even make some provisions even worse! continue reading »

Put the Brakes on Hate- Sign Petition Here against Anti-Immigrant Law

Hyundai and Honda have the power to change history when it comes to Alabama’s anti-immigrant law, HB 56. Auto manufacturing is one of the most important industries in Alabama; lawmakers would scramble to repeal the law if car companies were to really put their foot down about it. continue reading »

Latinos Harassed, Immigrants Denied Pay, Families Live Without Water Thanks To Anti-Immigrant Law

Since HB 56, Alabama’s extreme immigration law, went into effect last fall, children stayed home from school out of fear that their parents would be deported, and U.S.-born children have been denied food stamps because of their parents’ immigration status. continue reading »

“Twilight: New Moon” Director Shows Impact of Anti-Immigrant Law on Alabama Families

Last September, a federal court judge allowed a sweeping immigration crackdown law to take effect. That legislation, which was signed into law by Governor Bentley in June of 2011, continue reading »

Alabama Immigration Law Nabs Another Auto Executive

Alabama is once again being criticized after getting another foreign-born auto executive entangled in its new immigration law, and Missouri is using the opportunity to invite the automakers to their state. continue reading »

Testimony Before Congressional Ad Hoc HB56 Hearing on Alabama Crisis

Mary Bauer from the Southern Poverty Law Center gave testimony to Congress about the Alabama crisis and suggested that we share it. I don’t think anyone else has so clearly described the situation down there. continue reading »

Note to Alabama Legislators: Anti-Immigrant = Anti-Business= Anti-Economy

It's getting even worse in Alabama, folks, and the pain is spreading beyond. Just a couple of days after a Mercedes Benz executive from Germany was arrested and taken into custody under Alabama's worst-in-the-country immigration law, HB 56, a continue reading »

Alabama Gov. Willing to Revise Controversial Immigration Law

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said Friday that he and his legislative allies are ready to consider changes to the state's harsh imigration law, but will not alter the essence of the measure. continue reading »

Gutierrez to Meet with Napolitano to discuss Alabama and Deportations

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-04) led a delegation of 11 Members of Congress to Birmingham, Alabama to investigate how the state's new restrictive immigration law is being implemented. An ad hoc hearing was held in Birmingham's City Council continue reading »

Immigrant Women’s Rights Group sides with “One Family, One Alabama

The National Coalition for Immigrant Women's Rights supports the "One Family, One Alabama" campaign to end anti-immigration policies. continue reading »

Immigration Roundup: DREAM Act Repeal Effort, Ala. Fights DOJ

Calif. DREAM Act Repeal In Motion Efforts are underway to repeal California’s DREAM Act, a recently passed law that allows undocumented students to apply for non-state funded scholarships and public financial aid to attend public colleges and universities in California. State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is gathering signatures to challenge the law by way of voter referendum. continue reading »

Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law Forces Lawyers To Choose Between Their Ethics And The Law

HB 56, Alabama’s toughest-in-the-nation immigration law, already threatens undocumented immigrant’s ability to live in their own homes, access utilities in their homes, or even receive library cards. Children were terrified to go to school because of the law for fear their parents would be deported, and bullying against Hispanic children has been reported. continue reading »

Utilities Turned Off in Homes of Alabama’s Undocumented Immigrants

A utilities provider in Alabama has begun turning off water, electric, and gas services to homes that cannot confirm they are legal residents of the United States. continue reading »

Restrictionist Lawyer Admits Long-Term Assault on Immigrant Children

Today, the head of the legal arm of one of the most notorious restrictionist groups in the nation boldly admitted his work on Alabama’s new anti-immigrant law aims to end continue reading »

Petitioners Asking Rapper Kanye West to Stand With them Against Alabama Immigration Law

Kanye West, the man who has pegged himself as the voice of this generation, has been asked to speak to Alabama legislators about the state’s harsh new immigration law. continue reading »

Proof of Citizenship Required to Get Alabama Library Card

In certain parts of Alabama, a state in which very controversial immigration legislation was recently passed, some wishing to acquire a simple library card are being told they need to prove they are legally in the country. continue reading »

Ten Things to Know About Alabama’s New Immigration Law

On September 28th, 2011, the most sweeping anti-immigration law in the country went into effect in Alabama. The law, HB 56, has already had harsh and sweeping consequences—hurting not only undocumented immigrants but legal residents, continue reading »

Dept. of Justice Sets Up Hotline in Alabama to Report Civil Rights Violations After HB 56 Passed

The U.S. Department of Justice has established a hotline and e-mail address to receive discrimination and other civil rights complaints in the state of Alabama. continue reading »