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Tag Results for "Al Qaeda"

Al Qaeda Terrorist Recruiters Arrested in Spain

In Spanish News, the country's national police have arrested two suspected members of the Al Qaeda terrorist group. One male suspect is Algerian and the other a Moroccan and both were residing in Spain and believed to be involved in terrorist recruiting continue reading »

Spaniard Briefly Abducted by Al Qaeda-linked Group in Africa

Salafist militant group Ansar al Din, a group affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, told Efe Saturday that it abducted a Spanish citizen in northern Mali earlier this week before freeing him 24 hours later. continue reading »

CIA Official, Jose Rodriguez, Defends Waterboarding in New Book

In the latest terrorism book former head of CIA’s Clandestine Service, Jose Rodriguez, Jr. defends “enhanced interrogation techniques” like waterboarding. continue reading »

Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions after 9/11 Saved American Lives

US. Government Warns Honduras of Possible Al-Qaeda Infiltration

Honduran authorities are on "red alert" after U.S. government officials warned them that two top Islamist terrorists could be either in Honduras or heading there. continue reading »