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Tag Results for "Aeromexico"

Aeromexico Makes Last Minute Proposal to Avoid Strike

Aeromexico, Mexico's flagship airline, made a last-minute proposal aimed at avoiding a strike by flight attendants, who agreed to consider the offer. continue reading »

President-elect Peña Nieto Will Fly in Style with $139 Million Plane

The Mexican government has confirmed the purchase of a more than $100 million plane for the country’s new president. President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto will be flying in style when his p continue reading »

AeroMexico Launches UATP Corporate Program in Mexico

Aeromexico is utilizing UATP's data tools, DataStream, DataMine and DataView to complete its corporate program, creating the most comprehensive air travel reporting and data information. continue reading »

Grupo Aeromexico Transported One Million 234 Thousand Passengers in November

Grupo Aeromexico S.A.B de C.V. ("Aeromexico”) (BMV: AEROMEX), the largest intercontinental airline in Mexico, reports its operating statistics for November. continue reading »

Five Aeromexico Flight Crew Members This Week Alone In Trouble for Drinking on the Job

The Mexican ministry of Communications and Transportation announced yesterday that they have suspended seven flight personnel from Aeromexico for flying drunk or attempting to fly drunk,this week. continue reading »

AeroMexico Pilot and Co-Pilot Drunk, Stopped by Cabin Crew from Flying 101 Passengers

Two pilots from AeroMexico attempting to fly 101 passengers from Costa Rica to Mexico were stopped by concerned cabin crew members suspecting both pilots had been drinking. continue reading »