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Tag Results for "Ad Campaign"

Is This Dr. Pepper Ad Controversial? Creationists Believe It Is

The soft drink brand Dr. Pepper is facing controversial with its ‘March of Progress’ ad campaign. The company unveiled the ad on Facebook Sept. 13. The ad shows a chimpanzee dragging his knuckles, followed by a semi-erect figure reaching for a Dr. Pepper, which is then followed by a fully erect man walking and enjoying the beverage. The images are respectively captioned by “Pre-Pepper,” “Pepper Discovery,” and “Post-Pepper.” continue reading »

Bennetton Ad Features Hugo and Obama, Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Bennetton’s new ad campaign featuring world leaders with opposing views locking lips, has been raising many eyebrows. The Fashion brand says the campaign-- “UNHATE” is “about reconciliation and acceptance” continue reading »

WATCH Hilarious Volskwagen Ad, and Learn Some Español! (VIDEO)

VW's latest ad for the Passat shows that anyone can drive the diesel version of the sedan for 13 hours between refuels, enough time to learn Spanish! continue reading »

Mexican Anti-Discrimination Groups Say Snickers Ad is Sexist, File Suit (VIDEO)

A Spanish version of the “You are not yourself when you are hungry” ad campaign for snickers featuring singer and actress Anahi, has sparked some controversy and been labeled sexist by Mexico's National Council to Prevent Discrimination. continue reading »