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Tag Results for "Actor"

Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce Celebrate Their Success, Pregnancy in New York

Actors and singers Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce exude happiness these days in New York in expectation of their first baby and professional success with their new projects. continue reading »

Jose Ferrer Honored on 2012’s Forever Stamp

Jose Ferrer (1912-1992) was honored today for his many talents as an actor, director, writer, musician, and producer by being chosen as the face for the 2012 First-Class Forever Stamp. continue reading »

JR Martínez, Steals the Show in Dancing With the Stars Premiere (VIDEO)

Check out the smooth moves that got J.R. Martínez and dance partner Karina Smirnoff to a 22 point lead in “Dancing With The Stars.” continue reading »

Get to Know ‘Dancing With the Stars’ J. R. Martinez (VIDEO)

Meet J.R. Martínez, “All My Children” actor, war hero, and the newest addition to “Dancing With the Stars.” continue reading »