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Tag Results for "Accident"

Higher Death Toll in Last Week’s Supermarket Collapse in Argentina

The death toll from the collapse last week of the roof of a supermarket in the southwestern Argentine city of Neuquen has risen to seven, officials said Sunday. continue reading »

Accident at Fireworks Factory in Central Mexico Kills 4, Injures 3

Four people died and three were injured in an explosion at a fireworks factory in the central Mexican town of Ejidos de Santa Maria y San Agustin, officials said. The Public Safety Secretariat in the state of Mexico said in a communique that the number of dead and injured could change. continue reading »

Girl Dies After Wall Collapses at Panamanian School

One girl was killed and two others injured Thursday when a wall collapsed at an elementary school in the Panamanian capital, authorities said. continue reading »

Wealthy Guatemalan Businessman Killed in Helicopter Crash

Wealthy businessman Jose Habie was killed Friday when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in the Guatemalan capital, authorities said. The 56-year-old Habie, who owned textile plants and a five-star hotel in Guatemala City, died of multiple traumatic injuries while trapped amid the wreckage of the chopper, paramedics told the media. continue reading »

6 Die of Burns After Truck Crashed into Gas Station in Cuba

Six of the 32 people hurt last week in a fire at a gas station in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba have died, Cuban official media said Friday. continue reading »

Gas Station Fire Seriously Injures 26 in Cuba

A huge fire at a gas station in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba injured 32 people, including 26 who were listed in serious or very serious condition, state media reported. continue reading »

Fatalities of Deadly Mexican Bus Crash Increase to 12

The death toll from a bus crash in the northwestern Mexican state of Durango has risen to 12, officials said. The accident occurred Friday at a spot known as The Devil's Spine on the highway linking Durango city with the Pacific resort of Mazatlan, the mayor of that municipality, Alejandro Higuera Osuna, told the media. continue reading »

Bus Crash on “The Devil’s Spine” Kills 11, Injures 25 in Mexico

Eleven people were killed and 25 others injured Friday when a bus ran off the road and fell more than 100 meters (328 feet) in the northwestern Mexican state of Durango, authorities said. continue reading »

Landmine on Chile-Peru Border Detonates, Kills 1

A person was killed when they drove over an anti-tank mine in a remote area along the border between Chile and Peru, the Chilean army said. The identity and nationality of the victim, who was driving a vehicle belonging to a Peruvian taxi company, have not been released. continue reading »

7 Missing After Paraguay-Argentina Boat Collision

Seven people have gone missing after Argentine- and Paraguayan-flagged vessels collided in the Parana Delta, Argentine coast guard officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Colombian Transit Bus Kills 7 and Injures 10

Seven people were killed and ten others injured when a public transit bus collided with a truck on a highway in the province of Bolivar, Colombia. continue reading »

Tornado phenomenon in Monterrey, Mexico (VIDEO)

A tornado was reported touching the ground near Laredo-Monterrey highway Thursday morning. A video captured by two youth depicts the rare occurrence. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Arizona Man Shoots His Manhood Off With Pink Gun

Police in Az. Are urging people to use holsters, and avoid using their waist bands, like the very unfortunate Joshua Seto. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: CFK Cuts Her Head Open! Governing From Home For Now (VIDEO)

Argentine President Cristina Fern├índez de Kirchner tripped and fell face first onto a security fence! continue reading »