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Tag Results for "Abortion Latin America"

Dominican Pregnant Teen Denied Medical Treatment to Protect Fetus Dies

A Dominican woman announced Monday that she filed charges against the hospital where her pregnant teenage daughter died after doctors delayed treatment for the girl's leukemia as a result of concerns about the effects on the fetus. continue reading »

Law Authoritizing Elective Abortions in Uruguay Survives Call for Referendum

A proposal for a national referendum on undoing the Uruguayan Congress' decision to decriminalize abortion garnered only 234,670 votes, far fewer than the 655,000 needed to secure a plebiscite, electoral officials said Monday. continue reading »

Severely Ill Woman Denied Abortion in El Salvador – Sparks Protests

El Salvador women have taken to the streets to protest the recent ruling by the country’s Supreme Court that refused to allow a severely ill woman to have an immediate abortion. continue reading »