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Tag Results for "Vicente Fox"

Vicente Fox was Elected President of Mexico in 2000

Today in Latin American history, Vicente Fox was elected President of México in 2000. Fox was elected President of Mexico in the 2000 presidential election, a historically significant election that made him the first president elected from an opposition party since Francisco I. continue reading »

Vicente Fox Pushes for Research Into Medical Marijuana Use in Mexico

The Centro Fox plans to focus on research into medical marijuana use in Mexico and will seek authorization to set up a distribution network for the drug, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said. continue reading »

Former President Fox Urges Congress to Legalize Pot in Mexico

The conservative who intensified the battle against drug traffickers during his 2000-2006 term as president of Mexico urged his country's Congress to seriously consider a proposal to legalize marijuana. continue reading »

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Argues For Marijuana Legalization

Vicente Fox, who served as Mexico's president from 2000 to 2006, said he would grow marijuana if it was legal, arguing that legalization would benefit the country and hurt drug cartels. continue reading »

Former Mexican President Fox:  ‘Let’s Make Truce with Drug Cartels’

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox in reaction to the firebombing act of terrorism in Monterrey this week suggested Mexico should think about calling a truce with the drug cartels. continue reading »

Former President of Mexico Wants to Legalize Drugs, Specifically Marijuana

Vicente Fox, president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, has changed his stance against drugs to one in favor of the legalization of all drugs. continue reading »