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Tag Results for "Venezuela News"

Another Priest Murdered in Latin America Making Fr. Jose Mendoza Death the 4th in 2013

Since the beginning of this year 2013, a total number of 4 priests have been killed in Latin America, most recently Fr. Jose Ramon Mendoza in Lara, Venezuela continue reading »

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Undergoing More Treatment Labeled “Very Complex and Tough”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is undergoing "very complex and tough" medical treatment in Cuba, where he has been hospitalized since Dec. 11 after undergoing cancer surgery for the fourth time, Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday. continue reading »

Venezuelan Government: Hugo Chavez Giving Order, Health Improving

Two months after being operated for cancer in Cuba, President Hugo Chavez was analyzing images from Venezuela's recently launched Miranda satellite and giving orders based on what he observed, Science and Technology Minister Jorge Arreaza said. continue reading »

Weapons Including Grenades Found at Venezuela Prison Where Deadly Riot Occurs

The Venezuelan government announced on Thursday that authorities confiscated 106 firearms, including rifles and submachine guns, ammunition and grenades, along with assorted illegal drugs, at the Uribana prison, where on Jan. 25 a riot by inmates resulted in the deaths of 58 people. continue reading »

Son of Venezuelan Opposition Leader, Alejandro Fermin, Murdered

Venezuela's interior minister said Monday that he ordered the director of the CICPC investigative police to personally take charge of the probe into the murder of the son of prominent opposition figure Claudio Fermin. continue reading »

Venezuela, Russia Strengthen Alliance with Oil Agreements

Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA has signed a series of offshore gas development and drill-rig import agreements with Russian state-controlled Rosneft, bolstering an alliance with a country that Caracas expects will be its top oil partner by 2021. continue reading »

Luggage of Missing Missoni Plane Lost in Venezuela Found

Some of the luggage aboard the missing Venezuelan plane of Missoni executive, Vittorio Missoni, has been located on the Caribbean island of Curacao. continue reading »

Latin America News: Venezuela Prison Riot Leaves 58 Dead, 100 Injured

A riot last week at Uribana prison in the western state of Lara left 58 people and around a hundred others injured, the head of Venezuela's penitentiary service said. continue reading »

Chavez in His “Best Moment” Since Operation, Venezuelan V.P. Says

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro said Saturday that President Hugo Chavez is in "the best moment" of the complex postoperatory process he has faced since undergoing his latest round of cancer-related surgery in Cuba on Dec. 11. continue reading »

Prison Riot in Venezuela Leaves 54 Dead, 80 Wounded

At least 54 people died and another 80 were wounded in a prison riot in northwestern Venezuela after authorities carried out an inspection, officials told Efe. "The information we have is that there were 54 fatalities," the director of Central Hospital in Barquisimento, Ruy Medina, in charge of handling the emergency, said. continue reading »

Venezuelan President Chavez Continues to Fight Cancer, Says Aid

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is recovering from his Dec. 11 operation to remove a tumor, but is still fighting "the more difficult battle" against cancer, one of his top aides said. continue reading »

Venezuela Celebrates 55 Years of Democracy

President Hugo Chavez's leftist government and its opponents held separate events Wednesday to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Venezuela's return to democracy. continue reading »

Latin America News:  No Date Set for Hugo Chavez’ Return to Venezuela

No date has yet been announced for the return to Venezuela of President Hugo Chavez, who underwent surgery more than a month ago in Cuba, but he "has been in very good spirits," Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas said Tuesday. continue reading »

Latin America News: Unemployment in Venezuela Dips Below 6%

Venezuelan Finance Minister Jorge Giordani said that unemployment stood at 5.9% in December of 2012, the country‚Äôs lowest rate least since 1999. He pointed to strong economic growth last year of 5.2% and predicted more growth in 2013. continue reading »

Venezuela New Foreign Minister Visitor Hugo Chavez in Cuba

Venezuela's new foreign minister is in Cuba to consult with his country's ailing president, Hugo Chavez, on Caracas' international stance. continue reading »

Chavez Has Been Fully Aware Since Operation Last Month, Says V.P.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is calm and has remained fully aware throughout the complications that followed his Dec. 11 cancer surgery, his vice president said Thursday in an exclusive interview with Efe. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Ailing Pres. Hugo Chavez Names New Foreign Minister from Hospital Bed in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, still hospitalized in Cuba following a Dec. 11 operation to remove a cancerous tumor, has named a new foreign minister, the Andean nation's acting head of state said Tuesday. continue reading »

Chavez’s Brother Says Rumors of Coma Are False

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is making progress with his recovery and is not in a coma, his older brother, Barinas state Gov. Adan Chavez, said. continue reading »

Venezuelan V.P. Meets Raul Castro Before Seeing Hugo Chavez in Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro met with Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro upon his arrival on the island to see Hugo Chavez, still convalescing in Havana following his fourth operation for cancer, local media said. continue reading »

Latin America News:  VZ Supreme Court Endorses Delaying Hugo Chavez Inauguration

Venezuela's Supreme Court endorsed on Wednesday the government's position that ailing President Hugo Chavez can delay his swearing-in for another term without creating a constitutional vacuum. continue reading »