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Tag Results for "Venezuela News"

Venezuelan National Guard Plane Crashes Killing all On Board

A Venezuelan National Guard plane went down in the Caribbean near Margarita Island, killing the four people aboard, officials said. continue reading »

Venezuelan Kidnappers Release Mexican Ambassador and His Wife from Captivity

Mexican Ambassador to Venezuela Carlos Pujalte and his wife, Paloma Ojeda, were released after being kidnapped over the weekend and are in good condition, a Mexican diplomatic source told Efe Monday. continue reading »

Fuel-Tanker Accident in Venezuela Leaves 14 Dead, Many Injured

Fourteen people were killed and 16 others injured Thursday when a tanker-truck carrying gasoline flipped over and burst into flames on a busy highway in the Venezuelan capital, authorities said. continue reading »

International Outcry Over Venezuela’s Extended Detention of Judge Whose Health is Failing

Three independent United Nations human rights experts today expressed their alarm at the decision of Venezuelan authorities to extend the house arrest of a judge for another two years, saying it was concerned about her physical and mental health. continue reading »

First Shipment of Venezuela’s Gold Reserve Arrives to Caracas

The Venezuelan central bank reported that about $300 million in gold was brought in to Caracas by plane and taken to the Central Bank Friday. continue reading »

Chile’s Consul General In Venezuela Shot During 2-Hour Abduction

Chile's consul in the Venezuelan capital received a gunshot wound during a brief abduction last week, the government said Tuesday. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Sends Last Minute Notification to UN, He will Not Address the General Assembly

The last minute notification by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez that he will not be addressing the UN General Assembly is adding speculation about the state of his health. continue reading »

All Gold Mined in Venezuela Must Now be Sold to Chavez’ Government

Effective this week in Venezuela all gold mined in the country must be sold to the government. The decree was authored by President Hugo Chavez and his administration in an effort to control gold mining production in the country. continue reading »

Venezuela to Extend Water & Sanitation Services to Rural Communities

Venezuela will improve or expand access to water and sanitation services to 11,000 households in up to 68 rural communities and small towns with a $100 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Venezuela Now Has World’s Largest Oil Reserves Surpassing Saudi Arabia

According to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) Venezuela for the first time has surpassed Saudi Arabia as the richest oil nation in terms of reserves. continue reading »

Breaking News: Chavez Makes Surprise Return to Venezuela

Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela during the night on Monday in time for the countries bicentennial celebration on Tuesday. continue reading »

TV Star Wilmer Valderrama Returns to His Birthplace for an Emotional Trip in PASTPORT: VENEZUELA

Yet, few are aware that Wilmer Valderrama had very humble beginnings and comes from an extremely poor neighborhood in Venezuela — a place so dangerous, residents lock themselves in their homes by 5 o'clock to avoid the violence on the streets. continue reading »

“Cause for Shame and Mourning” the Situation in Venezuelan Prisons

The horrific acts of violence which took place in the last few days in Venezuela's prisons – particularly in the Internado Judicial Capital El Rodeo I in Guatire, in the state of Miranda - of which still continue reading »

Secretary Clinton Trying to Warm Hugo Chavez’ Heart with ‘Sports Diplomacy’

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that Greivis Vasquez, a player on the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies continue reading »

Reports: Col Gaddafi’s Son ‘in Hiding on Venezuelan island’

A politician in the South American country has claimed that one of the sons of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, is in hiding on an island off the coast of Venezuela. continue reading »

Venezuelan Ex-President Carlos Andres Perez Body Stuck In Limbo (No Pun Intended)

More than a month after his Christmas demise, the body of Venezuelan ex-president Carlos Andrés Pérez is still at a Miami funeral home. continue reading »

Venezuela Arms Depot Fire, Explosions Kill One (VIDEO)

In the Venezuelan city of Maracay a fire has set off a series of explosions at a military arms depot on Sunday. A woman nearby the facility was killed in the explosion, and three were injured in car accidents during the immediate chaos caused by the explosion. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Cuts Off Foreign Funding to Venezuela’s Organizations

A sheepish Venezuelan congress shepherded by President Hugo Chavez and his cronies passed a new law banning foreign funding for political parties and non-government organizations (NGO’s), this, in addition to a series of measures that opposing parties say, aim to smother dissidents, by limiting or cutting their financing. continue reading »