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Tag Results for "Raul Castro"

Cuba Set to Begin Drilling for Oil with International Help

Cuban is preparing to drill for oil and hoping to transform its economy if huge beds of crude are found in the Gulf of Mexico. This fall Cuba is ready to drill 5,000 feet deep with international help: the Chinese are building the rigs, the Brazilians are financing the ports, and the Spanish are doing exploratory drilling. continue reading »

Cuba to Allow Citizens to Travel Abroad

For the first time in 50 years, the Cuban government will allow its nationals to travel the world as tourists. continue reading »

Castro Steps Down from his 50-Year Reign as Leader of Cuban Communist Party

True to his word, President Raul Castro at the Community Party conference in Cuba, promised sweeping changes and a ‘rejuvenation’ of the Communist party – and it happened. continue reading »

Cuba Wants Term Limits and to “Rejuvenate” Communism

As happens with anyone that is getting older a time of reflection and introspection occurs which is what appears to be happening to President Raul Castro. continue reading »

U.S. Contractor Alan Gross Found Guilty in Cuba

The pleas of the U.S. government and Alan Gross fell on deaf ears in Cuba. After a two-day trial, a Cuban court found the 61-year old contractor guilty of crimes against the island nation and sentenced him to 15-years in prison. continue reading »

Cuban Government Cuts Soap, Toothpaste from Rations List. Prices Spike.

Cuba’s recently announced the cutting of subsidies to personal hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, liquid detergent. The cut will cause the cost of certain products to increase 12-fold. continue reading »

Cuba Launches Wikileak Site to Highlight how “Imperialist” U.S. Is

Cuba has just launched a new website, Cubadebate.cu, in which it will publish 2,000 U.S. diplomatic cables about Cuba, that have been leaked by Wikileaks. continue reading »

WIKILEAKS: American Government Concerned about ties Between Cuba and Venezuela

Cuban intelligence agents are deeply involved in Venezuelan affairs, according to a 2006 US diplomatic cable, one of the many leaked by WikiLeaks and published by the Spanish newspaper, El Pais. continue reading »

Cuban Cardinal Obtains “Clear Promise” - More Political Prisoners to be Released

Catholic Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino has obtained a “clear promise” that eleven more political prisoners will be released very soon. continue reading »

Cuba Starts to Outline its Small Business Policies

Cuba is starting to outline it plan for small businesses on the island as it phases out 500,000 government jobs over the next six months. When the government of Raul Castro continue reading »

Chávez Visita Cuba por Sorpresa; se Reúne con Fidel y Raúl Castro

El mandatario venezolano, que ya abandonó La Habana, sostuvo primero un encuentro "emotivo y fraternal" con el ex presidente. continue reading »

Fidel and Hugo No-Shows at Cuba’s Revolutionary Day Rally

Fidel sightings have been abundant of late, but he was NOT at today’s rally in celebration of Cuba’s Revolution Day. Raul Castro was present but never spoke to the crowd estimated in the tens of thousands. Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez had been scheduled to attend the rally as a special guest but he cancelled at the last minute. continue reading »