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Tag Results for "Los Zetas"

Blog del Narco: Mazatlan and Concordia Mayors Propose Arming Settlers Against Cartels

The mayors of Mazatlan and Concordia proposed delivering weapons to the residents of the mountainous area of the state, with training from the Mexican Army to defend their communities from cartels linked to drug trafficking. continue reading »

Mexican Military Kill Regional Kingpin of Los Zetas

Authorities in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz reported Saturday the deaths of nine members of organized crime during the past 48 hours, all in incidents linked to the killing of a regional kingpin of the Los Zetas drug cartel. continue reading »

Colombian Police Seize 1,760 Pounds of Cocaine Headed for Mexico

In a new blow at the Los Urabaños crime gang in the port of Cartagena, Colombian police seized Saturday 800 kilos (1,760 pounds) of cocaine chlorohydrate of the highest purity that was being shipped to the Los Zetas cartel in Mexico by way of Honduras. continue reading »

Mexican Marines Apprehend 20 Suspects Carrying 4,000 Rounds of Ammunition

Marines detained 20 suspected criminals in three separate operations in Saltillo, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, and seized rifles, ammunition clips and ammunition, the Navy Secretariat said. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Rodolfo Torre Cantu Met With El Lazca in 2004

In the investigation against former Governors of Tamaulipas, a protected witness told the Attorney General that Rodolfo Torre Cantu, the gubernatorial candidate assassinated in 2010, was with Eugene Hernandez and Tomas Yarrington who met in 2004 with the leader of Los Zetas , Heriberto Lazcano "El Lazca". continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Police Detain Man Who Scorched Bodies for Los Zetas

A suspected member of Los Zetas was arrested yesterday by federal police. He confessed to burning 50 bodies who were executed in Sabinas Hidalgo. continue reading »

Guatemala Says Los Zetas Responsible for Massacre

The killing of seven men at a medical complex in this capital was the work of drug-cartel enforcers, Guatemala's interior minister said Friday. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Los Zetas Operating Head Executed in Veracruz (Photo Warning)

Ex-convict Edwin Reynolds Chávez was gunned down Tuesday night in Veracruz. Reynolds Chávez who was identified as an operating head of Los Zetas in Veracruz, was recently released from prison where he was being held for drug dealing. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Los Zetas’ Commander Red Arrested in Nuevo Leon

In a large operation conducted by ministerial agents in the Northeast, 24 members of an organized crime gang who are accused of at least 16 kidnappings and 12 murders were arrested. continue reading »

3 Mexican Minors Arrested for Killing 7 on Behalf of Los Zetas Cartel

Three minors accused of killing seven people while working at the service of a drug cartel have been arrested in northern Mexico, authorities said. continue reading »

6 Die Partaking in Holy Death Ceremony in Mexico

Six people were killed in northern Mexico while taking part in a Holy Death ceremony on the Day of the Dead, when millions of Mexicans pay homage to their late friends and relatives, prosecutors said. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Arrest 9 Zetas Cartel Members, Seize 30 Grenade Launchers

Nine suspected members of the Los Zetas drug cartel were arrested in Saltillo, the capital of the northern state of Coahuila, by marines, the Mexican Navy Secretariat said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexico Investigating Link Between 3 Mining Companies, Los Zetas Cartel

Mexican authorities are investigating three coal mining firms for their alleged links to drug traffickers, a Mexico City daily reported Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexico’s Real Life ‘Day of the Dead’ Mystery:  Where is Body of Narco Heriberto Lazcano?

Mexico has it own real life ‘Day of the Dead’ mystery on its hands involving one of the country’s most ruthless thugs – Los Zeta founder and its jefe – Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Arrest 9 Zetas Cartel Members in Northern Mexico

Nine Los Zetas drug cartel members were captured in separate operations in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila and more than 50 firearms, five rockets, drugs and thousands of rounds of ammunition were seized, the Navy Secretariat said Wednesday. continue reading »

Ecuador Sentences People Smuggler With Ties to Mexican Massacre

A people smuggler convicted of organizing the trip to Mexico by Fredy Lala Pomavilla, a survivor of the 2010 massacre of 72 migrants at a ranch near the U.S. border, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison in Ecuador, the Attorney General's Office said. continue reading »

Authorities to Exhume Parents of Dead Zeta Boss to Confirm ID

Authorities will exhume the bodies of the parents of Los Zetas drug cartel boss Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano to confirm that the man killed 10 ago in a shootout with marines was the notorious kingpin, the Mexican Attorney General's Office said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexican Cartel Boss Arrested In Connection With Massacre

Army troops arrested the man who reputedly runs the Gulf drug cartel's operation in the central city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico's defense department said Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Investigating Conspiracy Theory in Murder of Politician’s Son

The theory that an organized crime group and public officials may have conspired to kill the son of a prominent Mexican politician is gaining ground among investigators, the government of the northern state of Coahuila said. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Cartel Violence Continues as 7 Burned Bodies Found in Van in Michoacan

The burned bodies of seven people, including four individuals who were beheaded, were found over the weekend inside a vehicle abandoned on the side of a highway in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, prosecutors said. continue reading »