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Tag Results for "Juan Manuel Santos"

Colombia, FARC Rebels to Begin Peace Talks Next Month in Norway

Representatives of the Colombian government and the Andean nation's largest guerrilla group, the FARC, will sit down next month in Oslo for talks aimed at ending their decades-long conflict. continue reading »

COLOMBIA: President Santos Says Rebels Want Him Killed Using “Whatever Means”

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos disclosed a purported internal FARC rebel group message in which a high-ranking guerrilla commander orders his comrades to kill the head of state "by whatever means." continue reading »

Colombian V.P. Angelino Garzon Well On His Way to Recovery

Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon is making positive progress in his recovery following his release from hospital after suffering a stroke that kept him hospitalized for 22 days, a medical report said. continue reading »

No Need to Replace Ailing Colombian V.P., Says President Santos

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday hailed the lucidity of Vice President Angelino Garzon, who is recovering from a stroke, and rejected calls for his No. 2 to resign. continue reading »

To Aid in Search of Rebels, Venezuela and Colombia Militarize Shared Border

The governments of Colombia and Venezuela on Tuesday consolidated their joint fight against Colombian rebels, militarizing both sides of the border in the hunt for guerrillas who killed 12 soldiers in Colombia and later returned to their base in the neighboring country. continue reading »

Colombia and China Reach Agreement to Boost Oil Cooperation

Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos and Chinese President Hu Jintao presided over the signing here Wednesday of nine agreements to boost cooperation in a range of industries, including the oil sector. continue reading »

Colombia President: Cano’s Death is FARC’s ‘Biggest Blow’

Colombian military forces have killed the top leader of the country's main leftist rebel group. Alfonso Cano, the top commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, was killed Friday during a military raid in the southwestern Cauca region. continue reading »

Colombian President Santos Receives The Shortest Man Alive (VIDEO)

Edward Niño, the World Shortest man was invited to the presidential palace after he said he voted twice for Santos, and would like to meet him. continue reading »

Allegations: Wiretaps & Other Abuses of Power in Colombia Financed With U.S. Aid

The Washington Post published over the weekend a very comprehensive article providing significant information about the financing of illegal operations carried out by the Colombian government. continue reading »

Central American Security Conference Garners 10 Presidents and Secretary Clinton in Attendance

President Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic will join US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 10 Presidents, 40 delegations and international institutions at the International Conference for Support to the Central American Security Strategy that will be held on June 22-24 in Guatemala, according to official sources. continue reading »

President Obama and President Santos Meet in Oval Office (VIDEO)

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama met with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia in the Oval Office at the White House. continue reading »

Hugo Chávez’s Meeting in Colombia with Santos Postponed Because Chavez Can’t Find Plane Parts

The meeting was postponed from the early morning, to 4:00 PM and then to next Saturday, because Señor Hugo's plane broke in Bolivia, and no one can't find the parts to fix it. continue reading »

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Exonerated in Ecuador

An Ecuadorian court provisionally dismissed Santos from the investigation concerning the 2008 bombing of a FARC camp inside Ecuador. continue reading »

President Santos Declares State of Emergency in Colombia Due to Worst Downpours in Decades (VIDEO)

President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos expressed his regret over the loss of lives and declared a 30 day state of emergency that could be extended, if the downpours battering the Antioquia region don't subside. continue reading »

Colombian Government Promises to Eradicate Drug Money From Soccer Clubs

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has promised to put an end to the leaking of drug money into the country's professional soccer clubs. continue reading »

Happy Halloween from HS-News!

HS-News tracked down numerous Latin American leaders to bring you an exclusive insight on their Halloween costumes. Can you spot the Presidents? continue reading »

Left Leaning Roid Rage by President Rafael Correa

Left Leaning Roid Rage by President Rafael Correa continue reading »