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Tag Results for "Javier Sicilia"

Peace Activist Javier Sicilia Wants Bicentennial Monument Dedicated to Victims of Violence

An online campaign launched by human rights activists seeks to turn Mexico's Bicentennial Monument into a memorial to victims of violence, organizers said. continue reading »

Pres. Obama Receives Letter with Over 50,000 Signatures from Mexicans Asking to Stop Flow of Guns

Mexican activists Javier Sicilia and Sergio Aguayo on Monday delivered to the U.S. Embassy in this capital a letter signed by more than 50,000 people in which they ask Washington for concrete measures to halt the "illegal and immoral" flow of weapons to Mexico. continue reading »

“Caravan for Peace” Leader To Take A Break After U.S. Tour

Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who just wrapped up a tour of the United States with other members of his Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, said he will take a break for a couple of months to return to his academic pursuits and privately mourn the violent death of his son in 2011. continue reading »

‘Caravan for Peace’ Arrives in Washington D.C., Traveling 6,000 Miles from Mexico

The Caravan for Peace arrived in Washington, the last stop on its tour of the United States, during which families of the victims of violence on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border have marked "an end and a beginning" with their condemnation of the war on drugs. continue reading »

By the Numbers: Mexico Saw More Than 27,000 Murders in 2011

Mexico registered 27,199 murders in 2011, or 24 per 100,000 people, the highest number since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, or INEGI, said Monday. continue reading »

Calderon Accused of Hindering Victims’s Rights Law in Mexico

Poet turned peace activist Javier Sicilia accused Mexican President Felipe Calderon Thursday of breaking his word by effectively vetoing a measure to aid the thousands of innocent victims of the drug war. continue reading »

Victims of Mexico’s Drug War Prepare “Caravan for Peace” for U.S. Tour

Javier Sicilia and Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity have announced they will lead a caravan across the U.S. this summer to call an end to the ongoing drug war. continue reading »

U.S. Supports Mexican Activist’s Peace Caravan

Mexican poet-turned-activist Javier Sicilia has received the U.S. government's backing for his planned month-long peace caravan in that country aimed at drawing attention to drug-related violence and communicating his anti-drug war message. continue reading »

Drug Boss Arrested for the Murder of Mexican Activist’s Son

Army troops apprehended a drug kingpin in connection with last year's murder of the son of anti-violence activist Javier Sicilia, the Mexican defense department said Friday. continue reading »

Drug-war Victims’ Families Call For “National Unity” Pact in Mexico

Family members and activists representing more than 50,000 victims of drug-related violence in Mexico in recent years held a testy meeting with the four presidential hopefuls and called for a "national unity" pact to restore peace. continue reading »

Peace Activist Slams Mexican Presidential Campaigns

Poet Javier Sicilia, the leader of Mexico's Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, or MPJD, blasted on Monday the farce represented by the current electoral campaign, considering it "the continuation of violence by other means." continue reading »

Mexican Rights Activist to Discuss Anti-Violence Movement With Presidential Candidates

Poet and human rights activist Javier Sicilia plans to meet with Mexico's four presidential candidates this week to lay out the position of his Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, or MPJD, on security and victims of violence. continue reading »

Members of Mexico’s “Movement for Peace” Found Murdered, Others Missing

Authorities in the western Mexican state of Michoacan found the body of one of three recently abducted members of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, a group founded by prominent poet Javier Sicilia, officials said Thursday. continue reading »

Poet Scheduled to Meet With Mexican Pres. Calderon to Discuss Crime-Fighting Strategy

As leader of a popular anti-violence campaign in Mexico, poet Javier Sicilia will meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon this week to discuss the nation's crime-fighting plans. continue reading »

1500 Strong, Mexican Poets Caravan Arrives in Juarez, Calling for Justice

Javier Sicilia, A Mexican Poet who lost an innocent son to drug violence has turned his grief into a crusade for peace. He started a caravan outside Mexico City last Saturday, and has gained about 1,500 followers, including others who had lost innocent family members and friends to drug violence, on his route to Ciudad Juarez, the country's most violent city. continue reading »

Massive Caravan of Peace Kicks off in Mexico Against Government Ineptness in the Drug Wars (VIDEO)

Civil disobedience is not out of order and a ‘legitimate’ response to the unprecedented drug-related violence in Mexico says Mexican poet Javier Sicilia. Sicilia also happens to be the father of slain continue reading »