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Tag Results for "Hugo Chavez"

Presidential Candidate Henrique Capriles Challenges Hugo Chaves to Debate

Opposition hopeful Henrique Capriles on Friday challenged Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to a debate on the nation's problems with exactly one month to go before the presidential election. continue reading »

Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Reveals Women are his Weakness

Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said that women are his "weakness" and added he was convinced that they will be the ones who win him the presidency next month when he faces off at the ballot box against President Hugo Chavez. continue reading »

Poll Shows Hugo Chavez Has Slight Lead Over Opponent Henrique Capriles

The Venezuelan research firm Varianzas reported, at a month and a half from the Oct. 7 presidential election, a virtual tie between President Hugo Chavez and the united opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

Venezuelan Government Notifies U.S. of American’s Arrest

The U.S. State Department announced Tuesday that the Venezuelan government had notified it about the arrest of a U.S. citizen in the Andean nation, but Caracas has not responded to official requests that this coun continue reading »

Venezuela, Cuba Unite in New Tourism Venture

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced that he will develop, together with Cuba, a large hotel complex on the Caribbean coast near Caracas, a tourist area left abandoned following the massive flooding that devastated the region in 1999. continue reading »

Chavez Honors Gold Medalist With Replica of Simon Bolivar’s Sword

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez bestowed the Order of the Liberators on the country's Olympic fencing champion, Ruben Limardo, and presented him with a replica of the sword of South American liberator Simon Bolivar. continue reading »

Chavez Boasts of Venezuela’s Vast Natural Gas Reserves

Venezuela has proven natural gas reserves of 200 quintillion cubic feet, placing them among the largest in the world, President Hugo Chavez said. continue reading »

Argentina and Venezuela Form “Strategic” Oil Alliance

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez signed an agreement in Brasilia forming a "strategic alliance" between their respective state oil companies, YPF and PDVSA. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Congratulates New Mexican President

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday congratulated Mexico's presumed president-elect on his victory in the July 1 balloting and expressed his willingness to deepen bilateral ties. continue reading »

Ailing Venezuelan President Chavez Wants to Build History-Themed Amusement Park

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is apparently looking to build an amusement park at the sight of the final battle during the fight for independence from Spain near Campo de Carabobo. continue reading »

Chavez Formally Registers as Candidate For October Election

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Monday went to formally register as a candidate for reelection in the Oct. 7 vote aboard a truck and cheered by thousands of followers. continue reading »

Chavez Denies Heath Rumors, Says Medical Tests Are All Good

President Hugo Chavez, who is running for reelection and was operated on a year ago Sunday in Havana for a pelvic abscess, said that his most recent medical exams came out "absolutely fine." continue reading »

Report: Chavez’s Cancer Has Metastasized

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is taking an opiate "100 times more potent than morphine" to alleviate the severe pain caused by the spread of cancer in his bones, Spanish daily ABC reported Saturday, citing an "intelligence report." continue reading »

Chavez May Only Have Months To Live, Says Respected Source

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's cancer is now in the "end stage" and it is "doubtful" he will live to see the results of the Oct. 7 elections, U.S. journalist Dan Rather said. continue reading »

High Treason, A Novel

To Aid in Search of Rebels, Venezuela and Colombia Militarize Shared Border

The governments of Colombia and Venezuela on Tuesday consolidated their joint fight against Colombian rebels, militarizing both sides of the border in the hunt for guerrillas who killed 12 soldiers in Colombia and later returned to their base in the neighboring country. continue reading »

Citing Health, Chavez says He will Work Only 8 Hour s a Day and Will No Longer be “Runaway” Horse

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez broke last week's silence to say that "unfortunately" he will no longer be that "runaway" horse that never slept, and that he now works just eight hours a day and sometimes less. continue reading »

Chavez Confesses to Lesser Workload In Wake Of Health Issues

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez broke his weeklong silence to say that "unfortunately" he will not continue being that "runaway" horse that never slept, and said he now works only eight hours a day and sometimes less. continue reading »

Chavez Returns to Venezuela, Announces Success of Cancer Therapy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned home from Cuba after an 11-day absence for cancer treatment, saying his latest round of radiation therapy had ended successfully and he is very optimistic about his recovery. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Chavez to Return From Cancer Treatment in Cuba Later this Week

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke Monday on state television for the first time since he went to Cuba for cancer treatment nine days ago and said he will be back in Caracas later this week. continue reading »