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Tag Results for "Hugo Chavez"

200,000 Protestors Demanded Hugo Chavez Step Down in 2002

Today in Latin American history, over two hundred thousand people marched in Caracas towards the Presidential Palace of Miraflores, to demand the resignation of president Hugo Chávez in 2002. continue reading »

Doctor Who Claimed to Be Chavez’s Psychiatrist is Found Dead

Psychiatrist Edmundo Chirinos, who said that the late President Hugo Chavez had been one of his patients, was found dead at his home, where since March he had been serving a 20-year sentence for murder handed down in 2010. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Was “Best Friend,” Says Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro said that the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was the "best friend" he had during his 47 years as Cuba's head of state. continue reading »

CREEPY:  Venezuelan President Maduro Admits Sleeping Inside Hugo Chavez’ Tomb

Current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro may just get a prize for loyalty to his predecessor. The newly elected President has just admitted to sleeping inside the tomb of former President Hugo Chavez. continue reading »

Resolution Supporting Democracy in Venezuela Introduced by Group of U.S. Senators

As a result of the narrow election win of current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the silencing of political opposition a group of U.S. Senators introduced a resolution supporting democracy in the country. continue reading »

Venezuela Ending Effort to Improve Ties with U.S. Over Diplomat’s Remarks

Venezuela's government said it was calling off efforts begun six weeks ago to normalize ties with the United States following remarks by the nominee to be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. continue reading »

Top 5 Latin American Politicos on Twitter

In the current digital age many politicians have been forced to evolve and adopt a social media presence. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Politicians have become more accessible to their constituents. continue reading »

Venezuelans Can’t find Cars to Buy

Buying a car is little short of impossible in Venezuela, a country where a used vehicle is more expensive than a new one, with the drop in production blamed on lack of access to foreign currency and with the government trying to resolve the problem with a law that has sparked controversy before it has even been passed. continue reading »

Oliver Stone Set to do Movie About Pal Hugo Chavez

Award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone is getting ready to honor his left-leaning pal Hugo Chavez in a way only he can – by making a movie about his life. continue reading »

No Discrepancies Found in Venezuelan Election Recount

A review of 100 percent of the ballots cast in the April 14 special election to choose a replacement for deceased President Hugo Chavez uncovered no discrepancies with the official results, Venezuela's National Electoral Council, or CNE, said Tuesday. continue reading »

Capriles Continues to Fight for New Election in Venezuela

The campaign of opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles on Thursday asked Venezuela's Supreme Court to overturn the April 14 vote that resulted in a narrow victory for ruling-party standard-bearer Nicolas Maduro. continue reading »

Late President Chavez’s Daughter Posts Photo with Soap Star on Twitter

Maria Chavez, the daughter of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has caused a sensation in the press here with the appearance of a photograph showing her with soap opera actor Manuel "Coco" Sosa. continue reading »

Venezuela Agrees to Election Recount

Amid persistent political tension in Venezuela, the CNE election authority accepted opposition candidate Henrique Capriles's request for a review of 100 percent of the ballots cast in last weekend's special presidential election. continue reading »

Former Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Calls Off March

Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said Tuesday that he is ready for dialogue with President-elect Nicolas Maduro and he asked his supporters to abandon plans for a march in this capital to demand a recount of every ballot cast in last weekend's election. continue reading »

Venezuela Holds Election to Fill Chavez’s Position

Venezuelans are heading to the polls Sunday to elect a successor to President Hugo Chavez, who died last month after a nearly two-year battle with cancer. continue reading »

Venezuela Moves Body of Hugo Chavez to Museum

The body of late President Hugo Chavez was moved on Friday from Venezuela's Military Academy to the site of a planned Museum of the Bolivarian Revolution. continue reading »

Plans to Embalm Hugo Chavez May Have Failed

Acting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that it would be "rather difficult" to embalm the body of Hugo Chavez because the decision to do so was made too late and the procedure was not started in time. continue reading »

Venezuelan Government Holds Another Tribute for Deceased President Chavez

The acting president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, government officials and military officers participated Tuesday in a religious ceremony to pay homage to the late President Hugo Chavez, who died a week ago in this capital after a lengthy battle with cancer. continue reading »

Latin America News: U.S. Expels Venezuelan Diplomats in Retaliation for Americans Ousted of VZ

In Latin America news, the U.S. has retaliated against Venezuela for the two military diplomats kicked out of the country by kicking out two Venezuelan diplomats. continue reading »

Venezuela to Hold Presidential Election April 14

The National Electoral Council, or CNE, has decided that an election will be held April 14 to choose Venezuela's president from now until 2019, the term begun by the late Hugo Chavez, council chairwoman Tibisay Lucena announced Saturday. continue reading »